When you get pregnant you face many different changes to your body. Mentally, physically and emotionally; your body goes through a world wind of changes. Some you are ready for and some your not.

Pregnancy brain is one of the mental changes everyone talks about. Leaving things all over the house, forgetting to turn the car off, putting your milk in the cupboard, etc. For me, pregnancy brain was a piece of cake. But this mommy brain? Oh yea it’s giving me a run for my money. 

All those examples I listed above? That’s me within the last few months or so. I have gone to get my hair done and left the car running the entire time. I constantly lose things all over the house. And the milk? Thankfully I wanted another bowl of cereal right away or things would have gotten real smelly real fast. 

To be fair, to a lesser extent I was kind of all over the place before Tate got here.  I was always rushing (yupp I’m the person who’s going to be late to her own funeral), constantly forgetting things and if I wanted to remember to call someone the next day I had to use my calendar and schedule a reminder. But these things above are completely minor to the brain I have now. 

Since having Tate I swear there’s like a little switch in my brain that’s been shut off. My memory is ten times worse. I’m late due to my memory being ten times worse. When it’s time to get ready I feel like a chicken with my head cut off. And don’t ask me to call or email anyone tomorrow. I’m lucky if I remember to feed myself. 

The mommy brain is hitting me HARD and if I’m being completely honest I hate it. There is this constant feeling of rush, disorganization and being unprepared.  But if you know me, challenge is not something I back down from. 

So here’s my top 5 things I will be implementing in the next week to combat this mommy brain:

  1. Slow down. It was the tortoise who won the race; speed is not always the answer. Before I leave for my plans I want to take a second and live in the moment. My hopes is this slow moment will allow me to regain control before I leave and get rid of the feeling of anxiousness I have when heading to an event. 
  2. Early rising. In order to be able to get my extra second and slow down, I’m going to need more time. Okay yes, I know those of you who know me are laughing because the facts are: I’m not an early riser. Never have been, and thankfully Tate for the most part hasn’t wanted to start his days before 10 am either. But waking up early will allow me to feel more refreshed and prepared before having to leave the house. 
  3. Go to bed earlier. This ties into the bullet above. If I go to bed earlier I will wake up earlier. Sounds simple right? Wrong! When Tate sleeps at night is honestly the only scheduled time I have to do what I really want to do. Play sims and blog. I’m easily up another 3-4 hours after him on any given night. By cutting this back to maybe 1-2 hours I am hoping to be able to knock number 2 out of the park. 
  4. Planning. You guys already know how this whole planning thing works. But I don’t necessarily want to plan for things I cannot control. This time I’m keeping it simple. Plan my outfit, plan Tate’s outfit, plan my route to leave and possibly even plan breakfast. This extra step allows me to have a schedule and stick to it. As well as commit to things that usually take up the most time for me- outfits. 
  5. Leave it. This is honestly my biggest problem with being on time. I don’t know how to just leave stuff. I constantly over estimate how much time I have and how much time I will need to do things. Oh I have to leave in an hr? That’s a perfect time to clean all levels of my house and possibly throw in a load of laundry. *insert cutting eyes emojii here*. Honestly it’s annoying to myself as well. So if it doesn’t contribute to my current plans then I will be leaving it. 

Now I know these plans will not be easy. But neither is life with an infant. At some point it won’t just be my things that we have to attend but Tate’s things as well. So I want to attempt to start a schedule now so when it’s time to add more to the schedule we’re all locked and loaded. 

Check back with me on social media to find out how I’m keeping up with these tips. And hey maybe you’ll try them with me? Pretty sure there’s power in numbers. 

See ya! 
Aysia B.