HELLO?!?! IS ANYBODY OUT THERE?!? I mean honestly, between the warm weather and summer travels have any of us actually been ‘there’?  Nonetheless, this is one of the shortest posts I’ve probably ever written.  I am just checking in with you ladies and gents to let you know BTG is not dead and neither am I. hahaha. I have just been cooking up something so big.  I mean literally “cooking up” something, and it is taking up all of my energy.  But- we will get to ALLLL of that soon enough.  For now, here’s a few snippets on how life has been.  Care to show me what you’ve been up to?

Don’t forget to stay up to date with the blog the next few weeks! Trust me you do not want to miss any of the big changes!

See ya for now!

Aysia B.

Happy Fourth of July!

can you believe how big Gunner Bear is!


first car road trip!

first Championship game; game 1!

food truck fair 2017

baseball 2017