Have you ever gotten a push from the universe?  I mean like one of those pushes you just look up and say okay God, I see you.  Yea, those are great.   When it happens, it’s like you’ve hit this point in your life where you’re like a hamster on a wheel.  You’re just spinning and spinning with no real destination in mind.  Well that has been my life lately.  I have my career, I have my car, my job, my dog- I had begun my wheel cycle.  Go to work at night, get home in the morning and sleep, wake up, play with Gunner, make dinner, eat dinner, and fit talking to loved ones in there somewhere, then back to sleep to get ready for work.  The whole time just spinning on that wheel.  Well God, I’m glad you pushed me.  Trust me; you and I both felt my life needed it. 

In those times when you know you’re on the wheel it doesn’t always mean you’re completely lost.  You know that there’s something that comes after that wheel.  Heck you may even have an idea of what the step is to take, but your just not sure when or where to take it.  You contemplate and weigh out options- but never once do you dare leave that wheel.  That’s the safe zone.  But you know what they say about safe zones: great things never come from them.

This past year has had to be one of the craziest in my short 24 years of living.  From moving, to a new career, to a puppy, to heart break, to old love- there have just been so many changes.  There’s no wonder I’ve wanted to stay in my comfort zone!  I mean who could blame me?!  But God said no more.  And I don’t know about you, but I’m not one to question His decisions.  At least not all the time
No, I don’t know what exactly this push He has given me means quite yet.  But I can tell you one thing, I know it’s going to be the greatest gift I will ever receive.  And what better time to open gifts then the holiday season?