The best way to start any project is to decide your ending goal. Why are you doing this project, who is it for and just how much time are you willing to put in? Working out is no different. Before you can start your workout journey you have to have a final goal in mind. What is your goal? To look slim, to fit into those jeans, to be strong?
My goal is to be fit. To be the healthiest me I can imagine from the inside out.  This means I may not have a set final goal but more an ever changing one. I know to get this I have to put in ample time, hard work and lots of sweat. But no matter how long it takes me I am on this journey for the long haul. 

My goal will not be your goal, but that’s the point. Your journey yours and yours alone. So no matter what your goal is give it everything you got, stay committed and never miss a Monday.