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Getting RE-Motivated for Monday’s

Today I was motivated.  No, not just from working out (though yes I did that too).  I am motivated on this blog, my life, my job and much more.  I feel revamped, redefined and ready to go! I mean isn’t that really what motivation is about? Not just fitness and workout but really feeling life’s motivational push like Pusha T grindin’.  After about one month since the 1year blogiversary I can finally say I am full force ready with this blog and am beginning to discover exactly what I want to do with it.  But, if you’ve read some of my previous fitness Motivation Monday post you are familiar with the fact that getting unmotivated and RE-motivated is kind of my thing.  I’d like to say I’ve pretty much mastered the “getting unmotivated” part of that. 

The process of getting motivated is one that happens suddenly and then all at once.  It just hits like a brick and all of a sudden we can conquer the world (am I right or is that just me?).  Everything seems to be going great, theres a plan in place you may even start to complete some of the tasks… and then we hit a wall.  And it’s like the motivation stops, the juices stop flowing and now we’re at a standstill trying to figure out what is even going on in the world around you and how you got so disconnected (oh wait is that just me panicking?).  The tricky part about motivation is how to keep it.  How to ensure that what you set your mind to actually gets done.  Below are some tips that I use to get RE-motivated if I ever lose focus. 

p.s. yes those are sweet Martha’s cookies! look out for a post on the fair soon!

Set goals. When starting any business or task it is important to set concise goals for that project.  Map out exactly what you intend to get done, when you intend to get it done and just how long you want it to take.  Using this map, begin to work through the steps.  Don’t continue onto another step until the previous one is fully complete.  This helps to keep you from getting distracted and having to go backwards.  If it’s one thing that I usually do, it’s get distracted.  I constantly try to do multiple steps all at once instead of completing just one at a time.  Using my created goals and going at a steady pace keeps me from losing motivation due to the constant back stepping.  This brings me to my next point.

Be patient.  Nothing happens overnight.  I mean really it took God 6 days to create the earth!  Now I mean we can never create anything as beautiful as He has but it doesn’t mean we should rush our own masterpiece.  Work on each goal diligently.  And I mean diligent.  You think it’s done? Great! Take a break and come back to it in a day or two.  Reread your goal for that step and make sure the work you have done coincides with that plan.  The worse thing you can do is rush a project and have it fail.  Now yes, we all have rushed school projects and Aced them (don’t tell my parents I said that, they think I’m a hardworking student I’d like to keep it that way).  But once that projects turned in, I usually say to myself that I could have done better.  Patiently working on each step, ensures that it gets done the exact way you want without any later regrets.  

It’s okay to stumble. And I say stumble because that means we are still standing.  We didn’t fall and stay down.  Every project hits a bump in the road, it’s inevitable.  I can vividly remember this project I was working on in science class.  I had studied the experiment to the “T”.  However, when it was time to present the experiment I realized I had forgot to actually bring the solution with me to class that day! It was fine, everyone got a chance to take a bathroom break while I quickly recreated the solution in the class.  So actually, I helped their bladders that day.  My point is, that even with great planning unplanned things still come up.  The important thing is to never give up.  And for the next point. 

Keep pushing.  Do not stop.  I know, it’s kind of weird.  Like how do I not stop if I’ve lost all motivation to continue? Simple, just keep swimming, like dory says.  Btw the movie was AWESOME.  If you haven’t seen it please do.  I dragged Briean and even he enjoyed it.  But I digress-I know sometimes it’s hard to keep going, trust me I do; hence why Motivation Monday was always so up and down.  In those moments what I usually do is reread my plan.  Remember why I’m doing it.  Think of all the handwork I’ve put in and focus on the outcome.  It’s kind of like how fitness motivation Monday has always been.  Think of the body that you want.  You may take a break, you may put it off a few days, but you never miss the RE-starting period.  You never miss a Monday. 


Are there any not listed here that you do yourself? I would love to know! After all I could use all the help I could get! 

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