Football.  America’s sport, America’s favorite past time.  For us football is not a sport it is a religion.  I am currently living the life of a major d1 athlete’s girlfriend.  I reside in Minnesota and took this journey across many states from the East Coast to “rah rah” with the fans and support a person whom I have loved since I was 15 years old.  There’s nothing like sitting between those gold goal posts
in the stands behind the hashtags & screaming your head off for every good and bad play. Cheering your favorite player on and being the 12th man at every game. In a world where so much of the game takes over your life it is hard to retain those special pieces that make you well simply you! I plan to continually support him no matter which state lines I have to cross but I also want to do all that I envisioned for myself.  
I am writing this blog for me.  Not to brag about what I have or even to talk about him specifically (though I may many of times) I have always had a diary and now this is my time to have my own World Wide Webdiary!  Though you may not be dating an athlete we all have had those relationships where we supportively put our all into a guy or a gal.  This blog is for all of us, so we remember to hold those extraordinary puzzle pieces of us sacred and always fit them in the big picture. I am so excited to take this journey and whether I have 5 followers or 5,000 my hope is that this blog will continually make me happy.  Thanks for reading!!