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Finding the Sparkle; Using the Right Products for my Baby’s Sensitive Skin

Growing up I always had sensitive skin.  I would get so jealous of all my friends that could use the fake body washes with the glittery particles in them.  I mean ya girl was tryna get sparkly too!  After one use of those products I quickly learned my delicate skin was not down with the sparkle.  Sticking to products like ivory green bar soap was enough.  As I got older I was able to venture more towards bath and body works and other products that smelled sweet.  Still no sparkle though.  It now seems, my son suffers from this same issue. 

Finding a product that works well for your baby is hard.  The thought of trial and error with their delicate skin is scary for any parent let alone a first time parent.  But that is exactly what your expected to do.  And when it came to Tate, the trial and error process felt never ending. With lots of trials and error and talks with our pediatrician we finally found the right product for his sensitive skin. 

As I talked about bath time before, everybody loves a clean smelling baby.  Before an initial bath can be given, baby’s umbilical cord must fall off.  In our case it felt like it took FOREVER for Tate’s to drop.  But when it finally did I was so ready to submerge my baby in his bath tub.  

Most moms will tell you Aveeno was their baby’s first bath soap.  I mean it is meant to be delicate on the skin and it smells amazing.  Originally, Tate’s skin loved Aveeno!  It kept him moisturized and smelling so amazing.  Then around the one month mark his skin started to break out right after bath time.  I decided it was time to switch products. 

After taking him to his doctor, it was discovered he had eczema.  So the products we used from then on out had to have extra moisturizing power as well as be specific to this condition.

Next up was Shea Moisture Raw Chamomile and Argon oil for baby.  This product smelled so amazing but the scent was a little strong for babies in my opinion.  Tate’s skin did not break out visibly, but I would use the lotion on him following the body wash and sometimes he would just scream and cry.  This lasted about 2 weeks and then I decided it was time for another change.  We then tried Cerave.  This product did not smell as strong , it actually smelt kind of bland. But a week later and his skin was not moisturized and had fine point bumps on it.  Eucerin was up next and this product didn’t even make the week cut.  Within one day his skin was completely covered in what looked like a rash and the product had to be washed off. 

Finally we tried Cetaphil.  I am so thankful for this product because it finally got us off the trial and error train.  Cetaphil both soothed little Tot’s skin and kept his dry patches moisturized throughout the day.  We have been using this product for over 2 months now and *fingers crossed* his eczema appears to be almost non existent.  

My best tips I would give for a baby with sensitive skin would be:
  • Be cautious with products that smell too strong, more than likely it will break baby out
  • Look at the ingredients on the back of the products.  Be cautious of ingredients that were in previous failed products as they will probably cause the same reaction.  I wish I did this first as it would have saved me a lot of time. 
  • Just because your baby’s skin does not visibly appear to be irritated does not mean it isn’t
  • Don’t be afraid to change products if you feel its not working for your babes no matter what the reviews say; you know your baby best.
  • Don’t give up! It may feel like theres a billion products out there and you’ll never find the right one but trust me, it will come. 
Skin care is such a major topic for newborns and infants.  To finally find the right product for your little one is such a rewarding feeling.  With fingers crossed and high hopes, let’s hope our current product keeps my little man as comfortable as can be and our search is officially over.  

What is your skin care journey look like for your little one?  Have you hit your rewarding moment?

See ya!
Aysia B.

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