Have you ever felt like you were alone in this mommin’ thing? Like when you were pregnant there was no one else that peed their pants a little when they laughed? Or how about after you became a mom and felt like you were the only one who accidentally went 10 hours without changing your baby’s diaper because you were running errands? Probably when your child’s 8 and you forgot their dance recital until the last minute? All these moments in time can make us think that nobody else on the planet experiences the same stresses or struggles that we do. But in reality, all moms have them, you just have to find the ones willing to openly talk about it. 

This past weekend Tate and I were invited to do a Instagram takeover at The Prego Expo in Philadelphia. First let me start off by saying this event was truly amazing. They say when you see a need for something do it! Well Juliana and Samantha definitely did just that. With their multiple expositions across the country they serve pregnant moms by helping them get prepared for baby’s arrival. And the amount of goodies they give out are insane! One woman won an entire stroller and car seat bundle. Talk about getting set for the big items! But what stuck out to me most weren’t the gifts or the vendors but more importantly the unity and cohesiveness among the women (and even dads!).

All the attendees from current moms, pregnant moms, dad’s and vendors were open and honest. Just in hearing conversations passing by I could hear them sharing horror stories, happy stories and even embarrassing ones. While bonding over products they were able to share their own opinions and life experiences in such a raw state. 

It got me thinking how many places do we actually have like this? Both when I was pregnant and shortly after I had Tate, I felt like I had to do everything, had to be super woman. And when I wasn’t able to do so I felt inadequate. But these weren’t feelings I’d share, instead I’d bottle them up. Because I mean you don’t hear superwoman constantly talking about her problems. But in reality I didn’t have to be superwoman. Honestly, I didn’t have to even come close.

It’s not accepting defeat or failure, but instead accepting my limits and listening to both my body and my emotions. Sometimes us mamas are too hard on ourselves. Getting around a community of similar individuals with similar stories resets the bar for us. It reminds us to be sensitive to ourselves. We truly don’t deserve the harsh punishment we put ourselves through. So the next time you feel you’re alone, you’re not. Just hit up a mommy event, feed or show. And you’ll feel right at home; flaws and all. 

Do you have a place like this? Where do you find your tribe? If your looking for one, come join my Pinterest Community: Moms Who Care

See ya! 
Aysia B.