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Finding Events for Moms in your Area

Let’s face it. As a mama it’s hard finding other people who “get it”.  This is why finding events for moms in your area is so important.


The Beginning of Motherhood

It has been found that moms with a strong support system have a decreased amount of stress.

Let’s break this down.

Think back to the newborn fog.  By this I mean about the first 4 months of motherhood.

I talk about it often, but it feels as if your head is literally in a fog and you just can’t see clearly.

Sleepless nights, early mornings, extensive crying, sore nipples, dirty house and so much more.

Does this sound familiar mama?

I’m sure it does and I would be bold enough to say ALL mamas experience this feeling.

But based on that statement above, there’s a way to combat that feeling.

This is important.

This alone can change the game.

Quite often in motherhood, especially in the beginning, we think just put your head done and get it done.  The only priority is the baby.  But you’re a priority too mama!

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The Shift

So let’s talk about how we can change this.

Above we learned mother’s with support have less stress- let’s get you some support mama.

Support can come in many forms: friends, family members, etc.

But in my motherhood journey the biggest support I have found was other mothers.

No one understands what you’re going through except some one else who is or has gone through.

These individuals understand the need to cry, run, scream and more like no one else.

They understand the need for silence in the right moments and convo in the others.

In short, as they say, what’s understood, doesn’t need to be explained.

This is why having other mamas around you is so important.

Let’s talk about how you get these women around you.


Finding Events for Moms

There are of course many more ways than these 3 tips but these are my absolute favorite ways to find events for moms like me in my area.

  1. Eventbrite.  I know this one sounds so easy but it’s so forgotten.  Simply type in “events for moms” and set the parameters as you’d like!  Specify your location, the date and even the exact type of event you’re looking for if you know what you want.  This tool is sooo helpful and often the most forgotten.
  2. Kid groups.  Think Gymboree, Little Gym, and more like those.  At these kid groups everyone is getting together for their kids and letting them have fun together.  In those moments between discussing baby feeding and athletic skills, ask if they have any plans or know anything fun for moms to do in the area!  You’d be surprised how many hidden gems there are around.  And, even if they say they aren’t aware of any you guys can have one!  Simply plan a night out with the women you are talking to and hang!
  3. Social media.  I know, so not a tool we use for this but in all honesty we should.  Social media is the newspaper of our generation.  It is how we find out about news, others and more. If you’re unsure how to use it let me give you a tip, hashtags will be your best friend. Simply type a hashtag (or the pound sign for my older folks; #) followed by events, and then followed by your town.  For example:  #eventsatlanta, or #eventsdmv.  If you want to get more specific on mom events in your town, throw in the word moms!  For example: #momeventsatlanta, #eventsformomsdmv.  Make sense?


Oftentimes motherhood can feel like an island by itself.  We often think we’re going through things on our own but the reality is we aren’t. 

And just how great does it sound to have someone to talk to that understands exactly how you feel.

You deserve decreased stress and enjoyment in motherhood.  Get yourself some mama.

Take care of you too mama,

Aysia B.

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events for moms in your area

events for moms in your areaevents for moms

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