Thank you. Thank you for football. Thank you for coach kill, thank you for the entire coaching staff, thank you for opportunities, thank you for those heart clenching games both wins and loses, for the cold games, warm games and snowy games. Thank you for making me feel apart of the team though I wasn’t a player. Thank you above all to Briean for allowing me to join him on this crazy ride. Thank you just doesn’t seem to do justice for any of this but… THANK YOU! This experience has been something I could never have imagined in my wildest dreams. I know many people dream about this life and are never able to experience it. Briean is truly blessed to be one of the few to have made it here. I cannot imagine never walking into TCF Bank stadium as a gopher girlfriend again. This ride has truly been one to remember and one I will forever be grateful. 
This journey has set us up for so many other things in life. Professional, personal, academic, financial and most important to me recreationally. I have a VERY different experience then Briean of course as in I cherish this game for many other reasons than him. This game has allowed me to be a part of something greater than myself, greater than Briean, greater than football. It has showed me family, unity, relentlessness and much more. I never imagined being such a small part of such a large organization.   

Though we may not know where the future may take us, I know there are many life lessons we have learned in these 3-4 years that we will take with us. The growth we have both experienced in this state is honorable. Growing both as a couple and individually. Missing this team is a given and something that will surely take getting used to. If there is one main lesson I can say I learned from this it is to stay true to you.  No matter what happens on the field, behind closed doors or in the relationships created you must always be you.  Because these things will always make you who you are. The many lessons will never be forgotten. And above all Ski-U-Mah!