As you all know I love Fall. Not just because of my long list of things to do. Not because of my love for the change in myself. Or not even for for Halloween. But it’s the only time of the year I feel like EVERYTHING changes to match the season. There’s pumpkin flavor everywhere, cinnamon/ pumpkin smells everywhere, and the color scheme is simple beautiful. What’s not to love! 

When it comes to self care for Fall I love to add these scents in the mix as well. Did you know that pumpkin not only smell and tastes good but has health benefits too? Pumpkin is:

  • highly rich in Vitamin A (helps with eye sight)
  • rich in other vitamins (boosts immunity)
  • low in calorie count (can help with those seasonal diets!)
  • an high antioxidant that can help lower your risk for chronic diseases
  • packed with pulp (younger looking skin) and with beta carotene that helps fight wrinkles from the sun)

These health benefits are just an added bonus to me. I love pumpkin pie, smell, carving and basically anything! So when making my self care schedule for this season I definitely had to throw in some pumpkin in the mix. Here are my favorite self care activities for fall:

  1. Pumpkin flavored face masks This mask from Ulta smells AMAZING! And it leaves my skin feeling nice and smooth. 
  2. Yankee candle house warmer Within the last year candles have became my thang. I love lighting them throughout the day and having the scent fill the air. So when the season rolled around I definitely had to get a pumpkin scented one. 
  3. Walks in the park with all the fallen leaves. Falling leaves is one of my favorite parts of Fall. The scenery is absolutely beautiful and makes for the perfect photo ops! 
  4. Pumpkin scented hair masks. Again, smells amazing and leaves my hair feeling, smelling and looking great! Getting all the added benefits I’m getting for my skin on my hair! p.s look up DIY ones on Pinterest for some added fun with making your own!
  5. Pumpkin spice lattes. Okay if we’re being honest I haven’t tried this one yet, but from my mama Starbucks clan I’ve heard that these are the bomb dot com. So it’s definitely on my list before the end of this month! 

Making time for yourself in midst of the baby is so very important. For me it’s the only way I can stay afloat in all the chaos of motherhood. What better way to keep self care nice and fun than mirror it with the seasons. 

What’s your favorite Fall self care activity? 

See ya! 

Aysia B.