There are times in life when you look in the mirror and are just not sure what your going to see. A confident strong woman, a shy girl, a woman looking back at her many insecurities, etc. Us as women we constantly look in the mirror and judge ourselves harsher than anyone else. Being an athletes girlfriend there sometimes seems there is a lot of pressure of looking your best at all times or being the trophy wife on his arm.  While going through the wardrobe changes lately I’ve also been feeling like maybe I should do something to my exterior body as well. Maybe die my hair, wear more make up etc.  The past few weeks I’ve been wearing my hair in its natural curly state. Something I’m not too fond of because it makes me feel younger (I know big problem lol) but briean is 100% in love with. As I’ve been going through these own personal debates about my looks it’s totally been slipping my mind there is someone else watching me all the time. This past week he has made comments about my hair and him having the prettiest girlfriend. In his mind these are just ordinary compliments. In my mind he gave me that push I needed to end that debate with myself. I’m beautiful with make up on and beautiful without. I’m beautiful with straight hair and beautiful with curly. As women we can be so judgemental about things only we can see that we don’t pay attention to our secret daily admirers. It’s important to remember we are all beautiful in our own way. And our significant others find our beauty in times we don’t even see it in ourselves. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder sometimes we just need that reminder to see it in ourselves.


photography by: topknotmomma