Honestly, I thought we had time. I thought it usually doesn’t start until about 6 months. The sleepless nights, cranky days and messed up feeding schedules. But we’re here, and we’re hating it. 

That’s right. Tate’s teething

This little Tot has proceeded to try and do everything early and teething is just another thing to add to the list. We spoke with his pediatrician to confirm.  And though I don’t think we’re quite IN the fire yet. As in no teeth are cutting or budding. But the extra saliva, face rubbing, and chewing everything in site is definitely in play. 

Because Tate is so little it’s kind of hard to find the right teething toys for him. But so far we are using 3 in rotation. One of which comes from Ryan and Rose. This BPA, silicone and lead free teething ring is both light weight and stylish. Now this teething ring is still just a little too big for my little man’s mouth. But trust, he still tries his best to shove the entire thing in. What’s even better about the Ryan and Rose teether is that it’s a rattle! So even when it’s not being used to soothe gums it doubles as the perfect play time toy, especially in the car. One less item to drag around is always nice, am I right? 

Being that Tate is so young, another difficulty is he cannot necessarily put items to his mouth yet. And since I only have two hands (still figuring who to talk to about changing this feature for moms) losing teething rings and other toys in the scuffle is pretty common. The Ryan and Rose clip is such a big help for this! I can use the stylish clip to connect whichever teething ring I’m currently using onto him, the stroller or even the diaper bag! It is so convenient.  And safe! Made by moms, these uniquely designed pacifier clips are shorter than traditional clips. Making it safer in terms of choking and also cleaner with a mobile baby by keeping it off the ground. And if your like me who plans to write their child’s name on everything you can even get your cutie clip specially engraved with your little one’s name on it! 

Now I won’t say I’ve mastered this whole teething thing. Honestly I feel like quite the opposite of that. So I would LOVE your suggestions. What’s some definite must haves or tips that you’ve tried to get through this level? Any information can help! 

See ya! 
Aysia B. 

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