Okay guys I have some big new to share…. This past week I woke up early on every single one of my off days! Holy heck I know right!? (Ha ha bet you thought it was something juicer).  But honestly this is about as juicy as it gets.  I am not an early bird; hence the reasons I work nights.  Even on my days off, I like to be up at 3am doing purposeful things, like watching Netflix. So late nights early mornings right? WRONGO! Late nights for me usually mean late mornings.  Me and Gunner bear lay in bed until about 10/11am before getting our day started (hey judge yourself okay?).  Now I know most people who work nights, this schedule is the norm and totally acceptable.  The problem with me is this sleep pattern is something I have pretty much held since high school long before night shift working. But this past week I decided it was time for a change.  
I have heard plenty of people say that waking up earlier in the morning has enhanced their life in many ways.  It gives better spirits, makes it easier to start the day, they get more things done, etc.  So this past week I decided what the heck! I’ll give it a go.  And let me tell you… they are right!  Each morning that I woke up before 9 am I was productive!  I answered emails, tweaked up graphic designs, did blogging research and so much more!  I literally felt so… accomplished.  Now that is a feeling I can get used to! So in one of my “edits” for the 2017 New Year’s resolution list, I have decided to add wake up early on my weeks off.  This in return gives me less anxiety and stress with posting and gives you guys my lovely so dedicated readers better content.  So for this Motivation Monday I invite you guys to try it for the rest of the week.  Wake up just a little earlier and do something productive! 

So who’s with me for the waking up early on days of?!? Come on, you know you wanna.