I cannot believe we are here. It is draft day #1.  Waking up this morning the first thought on my mind (okay second after what is that noise that woke me up) was “today is the start of it all.” Today starts an anxiety ridden unbelievable happiness emotional next few days. Looking at the man I see today there is a totally different guy from the freshman quarterback I met in 2008 but with the same caring eyes. These next few days determine our future and no matter where we end up I could not be more proud of the man Briean has become. 
Upon people hearing of Briean’s hopeful journey to the NFL there has been one common question- “Where do you want to go?”. Now this is a pretty logistical question. There are 32 teams in the NFL we literally could end up anywhere in the United States. I mean you’ve got to have a preference right? 

Well though I have things I keep in mind like climate, atmosphere and distance from home, I am truly down for the ride.  I want to go to a team that wants Briean bad. I want to go where Briean is a valuable asset to his team. A state that facilitates his learning on the field as well as my growth as a new nurse. I want to go to a place where we meet amazing people, see great sights and live a life we’ve never lived before. I want to go to a place where we can eventually call it home.   
Now that I’ve got all that “lovey” out… deep down inside who am I pulling for? Let’s just say I would love to go to my hometown and who doesn’t like the color of money…