Earlier this week in my dimly lit basement with madden playing in the back ground, I attempted to write my blog post as I usually do.  I took out my trusty MacBook, opened up my writing app, placed my hands on the keyboard and then…… nothing.  I could pull nothing.  Now usually when I sit down to write I have some type of idea in my mind where the post is going to begin and end.  But that day I could bring nothing to the front of my mind to write.  Me personally, I’ve always lived by the blogging truth: if you have nothing to say- say nothing.  Early on in my blogging research I learned it’s better to put out no post then a crappy one.  So, this Wednesday I planned to do just that; no post. 
I asked readers for ideas and one of them I received was to use “Women Wednesday”.  About what it means to be a woman that is creating life.  Good idea, but I thought to myself how many times can a child bearing mother write that exact same post?  How many times can we spill our feelings on being a woman? Well apparently God thought another one wouldn’t be too bad.
The message at this mornings weekly bible study moved me to write about just that.  The study is by Beth Moore and her study is about going on a quest toward God.  If you’ve never done a Beth Moore study as I hadn’t before this one, I HIGHLY recommend it, she is amazing.  Her primary focus is all about women and about our place in the holy kingdom.  But her message today moved me more than just in my intimacy with God.  It moved me to also think about that suggested topic above- what it means to be a woman creating life.  
Luke 7:44
…do you see this woman?…

For the past couple of days I’ve been feeling well… pregnant.  I can feel myself starting to slow down in my day to day activities. I need more breaks in between house work.  Completing daily errands now requires a 15 minute car/ social media break in order to continue my day.  Now if you read my first trimester post about having to slow down, you will get that I do NOT like to slow down.  Things like not being able to complete my errands or house work really put a damper on my mood and can sometimes make me feel inadequate.  
In the study Beth Moore singles out that part of Luke 7:44 where the Lord says “do you see this woman”. With this quote she begins to explain about how we as woman are constantly checking ourselves to make sure we are “perfect”.  That our hair is in place, our outfit looks just right, etc.  But in making the statement- “do you see this woman”, Jesus was referring to a woman filled with sins and shortcomings.  Not one who was perfect or the ideal image. 

I feel like when we are pregnant us woman constantly look at our days in terms of “what hasn’t been done”.  I didn’t get to wash the laundry, dinner wasn’t made on time, the kids weren’t put down for bed correctly.  But- “do you see this woman”.  Do you look at yourself in the mirror and say- “I see me”, the one who is creating life as we speak.  The one who even though her body is exhausted, still managed to complete dinner no matter the time.  The one who even though she couldn’t get her hair straight this morning still went to work and finished the day.  
Well, Beth, I see this woman.  I see this woman just as I know God sees this woman.  Imperfect, full of shortcomings but doing a darn good job.  We are under 55 days to go with this countdown and boy am I proud of what we’ve accomplished so far.  Let’s hope this mindset can take me through the rest of pregnancy as nesting begins to take over in full force over here.
See ya!
Aysia B. 

Anybody have any tips on nesting?  I am certainly starting to feel the need to get things done, but what?!