So in the midst of taking pictures of the cupboards I realized that wasn’t the greatest idea as it would take way too many pictures and not enough words so I decided to just give a top 5 of my favorite things I we buy when grocery shopping (aka things in our cupboard/ fridge).

1.  Water- most essential part of our day.  Anybody that knows Briean knows with every meal he has water.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner with the occasional orange juice in the morning.  Me, it’s a little harder for me to drink water so I’ve come up with this thing (that actually Briean helped start) that I can have a non-water beverage with ONE MEAL a day.  Whether that’s OJ for breakfast, lemonade with lunch or V8 with dinner.  But water has to be my drink for all other meals or snacks throughout the day.

2. Pretzel Chips-  If you are like me, you like to snack throughout the day.  This used to consist of donuts or tasty cakes types of treats. Now with the healthy lifestyle, donuts do not really fit the M.O. so, I found the next best thing.  These chips are great for snacking.  They are not high in calories or salt as one would think IF you have the right portion size (which is only 11 chips, I know hard).  These chips are great with my next snack.

3.  Hummus- Now recently I brought the plain hummus and it was not great.  Actually quite nasty however I like hummus as I had it from a friend before, I am still trying to figure out which hummus I like but the snack goes good with the chips and is a healthy alternative dip.

4. Spinach lettuce-  Recently a friend said to me “what good is salad if your only eating plain lettuce and not adding any vegetables/ fruit”.  So my next few items in this list complete my salad.  Spinach leaves are a great source of vitamins and great for a salad.  At first with being the picky eater I am, I thought I would despise spinach but I now find it a great meal with Olive Garden Italian Dressing Lite. This is my favorite dressing of all time! It is not too bad as far as the nutrition label goes (again with the right serving size) and it tastes amazing!

5. Strawberries- this is a great snack or great to cut up into a salad to give it a little flavor.  I don’t think anyone will have anything bad to say about this fruit!

Anyone that knows me knows I am a super picky eater.  It is hard for me to find things I like and more importantly things that I will WANT to eat.  So it was important to me if I was going to take the healthy lifestyle that I was going to find things that I like to make this transition a little easier.  This does not mean our kitchen is perfect.  There are still some things that are in there that probably would not make the healthy list but hey starting somewhere is what’s important!  And remember healthy eating is not dieting, it is eating the right things to fuel your body with the energy it needs to feel and move great!