Let’s face it, just like everything else in life you need a community and motherhood is no different. When I became pregnant I noticed my circle changing. Not in that “have a baby your friends will leave you way”, because s/o to my community y’all are dope and no one worth keeping has ever left, but more in a there’s strength in numbers kind of way. Let me explain. 

When you become pregnant your view on the world totally changes. All of a sudden you realize how much you DON’T know about babies, pregnancy and family. Questions such as: how many times a day should I pee when I laugh?, how much is too much poop for a newborn?, and is it okay to physically kick daddy and his useless nipples out the bed while he sleeps?, begin to flood your google search engine. In those moments, you need community. The ones who will drive around just to find the “good ice” to satisfy your pregnancy crave. Friends who will answer your weird poop questions at 3am because they’re up feeding their baby too. Or even just friends who will sit and cry with you because they are the only ones who understand when you say you haven’t had a solid night sleep in 7 months. For all of you wondering, yes it’s been 7 long months and my baby’s still not sleeping through the night. But it’s okay, he’s okay, we’re okay; soft method approach still going strong over here! 

After Tate got a little older I realized this can’t be it. Not that my circle isn’t amazing or anything, but I knew there had to be other mamas out there going through the same struggles at the same time and I just knew I had to reach them. At that moment social media, blogging and internet connections completely changed for me. It was no longer an empty space filled with codes and firewalls. Instead it was central park at lunch time with food vendors and free music. It was the beach on fourth of July weekend in the middle of the day. It was in short- my community. 

Blogging for me was not only about expressing my feelings. It was about hearing “me too” and knowing that I wasn’t the only one who was struggling with these parenting issues. And on the flip side, it was about me telling another mama “me too”, so she knew that she too was not alone. My love for my community stems deeper than likes on Instagram, repins on Pinterest or views on my blog. I strive to grow and build with this community. Empower and lift up my fellow mamas to ensure our community stays stronger than ever. And seeing little Johnny grow up, well that’s just community perks. 

No matter what stage of life you are in you need a community, from careers, to school to hobbies, everyone needs a place that they blow and can feel the love and support from others around them. Mine at the moment just happens to be a tribe of strong mamas. 

Are you looking for your own tribe to join? I’d love to have you over in my Pinterest community: Moms who Care.  It’s all about self-care for mamas.  Come connect!

p.s. THIS #BTGFF is one of my own strong mamas. She is a huge part of my online community and you do not want to miss her.

See ya! 
Aysia B.