If 2020 has taught us anything so far it’s that our lives were pretty unbalanced before.

It was all work no play.

All play no work.

Or a mix of in between with no real balance.


Truly it’s what life is all about.

I’ve always known my life wasn’t really balanced.

If I’m being 100% transparent it’s because I take on too many things at once.

And if you’ve been following for a while then you know that consistency isn’t really my jam either.

But, it’s not because I do not WANT to be a master at either of those things, it’s that I truly struggle with how to do them!

mtm balance in nursing

balanced life in motherhood journey

Discovery of Balance in Motherhood

If I’m being honest, motherhood is probably the first time I realized the term “balance”.  Yes of course I knew what balance was, but I never truly felt the need to have it in my life.

Being in high school there’s not really a need for “balance”.  I had really involved parents who helped out a lot.

In college I definitely began to get more familiar with balance but I was managing sports and academics so well it wasn’t really a need for a strict balance.

Then I became a mom.

And as a mama you know, motherhood is literally a balancing act in itself.

Between the baby, yourself, the house, the dog if you’re me and so much more, you literally have to create balance or nothing will be managed well.

And this is my current journey.


My Current Balance Journey in Motherhood

Since adding not only motherhood to my title, but emergency nurse and business owner, I’ve kind of realized my life is really out of balance.

I feel it on event days, I feel it on busy mom days and I definitely feel it on working days.

And if I’m being honest, it’s time for a change.

The unbalanced feeling has made life feel very much like a runaway freight train with no destination, no seatbelt and no end in sight.

I don’t like it.

So here are 3 ways I am hoping to create balance in motherhood:

  1. Priorities.  Create and abide by priorities in life.  This is the first step in my journey.  As we all know, can’t shoot without direction.  So priorities are how I am creating direction with things.
  2. Planning.  Another area I’ve lacked in.  I am NOT a planner haha.  I know, I know “but Aysia you put on events”.  Trust me, still trying to figure out how I’m making that work too.  But, it’s something I want to put in place for other areas of my life too.
  3. Shorten my daily to-do list.  I talked about this when I discussed brain dumping but somehow, I’ve gotten away from my own hack.  Lately, it’s been feeling like I feel the need to do all things every day.  Blog work, mom stuff, The Mama Program planning; it is just a lot going on and it’s physically impossible for me to do it all in a day.  I knew that before, but somehow I got away from it.  Now it’s time to bring it back into focus.

balance in motherhood mtm

As a mother, it’s one of the hardest things to accept that you “cannot do it all”.  But we can’t.  Balance is our true super power.  If you’re like me and finding yourself needing some new balance in your motherhood journey, join me in these tips!

I’d love to hear about your balance in motherhood.  Think you need more?  Got it under control and have some tips for me?  Comment below!

Take care of you too mama,

Aysia B.

balanced life in motherhood