Mornings in our house start off pretty regular.

Tate wakes up, tries the potty and we head downstairs immediately.  He takes after his dad in the context of when he’s up he wants to be UP.

Mom on the other hand, I could use a few extra scroll minutes on Instagram, probably could fall back to sleep another 3 times before actually getting out of bed, or you know, just lay there.

But of course, that is not a toddlers morning style.

mtm morning routine

creating a productive mom morning

Having a Morning Routine

Before I became a mom I didn’t really think much of a morning routine.

I went to bed as I pleased.

Woke up as I pleased.

And started my day however I pleased.

But now with Tate I have to be much more intentional. 

After all, it’s not just me in this thang anymore.

Wanna know my biggest tip for the perfect morning routine:  Planning with a Brain Dump.

Okay as much as I talk about it, I’m sure you already knew that.

But getting in a brain dump isn’t as easy as it sounds with a busy toddler running around.

So of course, there is a system for everything.

Mom hack #1 food and snack is the perfect way to grab some “you time”.

No, I am not telling you to ignore your pediatrician’s recommendations for your child’s nutrition but I am definitely saying the right snack could be the perfect distractor.

perfect mom morning mtm

Our Morning Routine

Here’s our quick morning routine:

9:30/10am: Tate wakes up (and wakes me up)

10-10:10am: Tate sits on potty and reads a book/ watches Ipad (yes we’re a screen family judge someone else)

10:10/10:15am: We go downstairs and Tate pulls out toys/ plays quietly (I’m laying on the couch attempting to get myself together and prepared for the day)

10:15- 10:45am: Tate then gets in his high chair and has a “snack” (i.e. mini pop tarts or a baby bar). He’s never ready for breakfast as soon as he wakes up. While Tate eats his snack I take the time to look at emails, scroll through Instagram, read a section of my bible plan or whatever else I can do from my phone.

10:45-11/11:10am: Depending how fast Tate can eat his snack he’s then out of his high chair and back to playing quietly. During this time I begin to make breakfast for both of us while on the phone or listening to my gospel music for the day. If it was a long night and I’m not 100% awake yet I may or may not lay back on the couch for a little relaxing while the food is doing it’s thing. (Again judge someone else I’m a late owl which makes getting up early a hard task).

11:30/11:45- 12:45: Depending how ready Tate is for breakfast, he will sit in his chair and eat breakfast for almost a whole hour. Between the Ipad, his toys and slow eating he could be there for a while if you just leave him. This makes it the perfect time for me. Between stuffing my face and officially opening my laptop to see things that didn’t get completed yesterday, I use this time to plan my day. This is when the brain dump comes in. With a timer set, I use 3 minutes of this hour to completely decide the trajectory of our day both together and separate, business and pleasure.

Making this Schedule Work for Us

Now I know after reading that list you’re like “goodness such a late morning start”. But what can I say we are definitely both late birds and not early risers.

And honestly this schedule works for us. During Tate’s nap time, which happens roughly 4-5 hrs after he’s been awake, I take that to do list made from my brain dump and get to work. I try to section off my time during that break and get all the things on that list done. If I can’t, that’s okay, I can try to squeeze it in later or write it at the top of the list for tomorrow.

mtm morning mom routine

Honestly, I’d love to be a family that wakes up early and hits the day first thing in the morning but that’s just not us. And it works well for us this way.

I’m sure things won’t always be like this when we add in other people and factors into the mix but for now, this routine is for us.

Things that serve me well for our morning routine:

  • Tate is a care free easy going kid.
  • I am a care free easy going mama.
  • Tate does a lot of solo play throughout the day.
  • Spending time for us could be watching a tv show, playing with figurines a few minutes or even napping together.

Oftentimes as moms we judge our life based on someone else’s schedule and what “they say” we should be doing.

But the honest truth is you have to find what works for you and your family and roll with it.

That’s the silver lining.

Take care of you too mama,

Aysia B.