I’m sure we’ve all seen that Nyquil commercial where the parents say they’re sick and the kid just stares at them…

“Parents don’t take sick days”, is what it says.

And here’s another one. I know Covid-19 came and were stuck in the house but…

“Kid’s don’t cancel summers”

So here’s the next question:


Trust me mama I know.

It’s bad enough we kept them locked in the house for the remainder of the school year but none of us could have ever imagined we’d be locking them in for the summer too!

And just like I said above, these kids could care less that it’s a pandemic and they need to stay inside, they want FUN, ADVENTURE, SUMMERTIME.

And just like we do in every other situation, moms will have to make a way.

But don’t worry mama, I won’t let you handle this alone.

We’re all in this together.

Planning Out Your Indoor Activity Days

Now before we get to our list let’s hash out a few things.

  • Yes, we’ll likely be practicing social distancing all summer.
  • Yes, all travel-away trips are probably cancelled this summer.
  • And yes, it’s going to be quite the unconventional summer.

BUT! That does not mean it has to be any less fun.

Like plenty of other things in life, all you need is a great mindset to truly feel the difference.

So, my first piece of advice is to talk to your kids about how the summer will look.

There’s no point in keeping them in the dark or telling them “we’ll see what happens”.

Just be straight with them.

Explain to them how this summer will look very different from ones in the past and there will probably be a lot more of indoor activities, but that just means you guys have to be super creative on the ways you can have fun.

My second piece of advice, let them help.

Kids always want to give their opinions so let them give it when it’s really needed!

And allowing them to help plan the summer not only lets them see you’re trying to make it fun, but they’ll also enjoy the indoor activity a little more knowing they helped plan it.

Now my little guy is only a few years old and isn’t quite understanding that we’ve been “stuck in the house” (honestly it feels very normal for him) but I still let him help plan out some of the days!

Bucket List of Indoor Activities

So without further ado here are some things we will be doing this summer while “safe indoors”:

  1. Bubble Time
  2. Porch water play
  3. Build a fort
  4. Visiting the safari (staying in the car while the animals come to us!)
  5. Movie nights
  6. Dinosaur play
  7. Family walks
  8. Porch glamping
  9. Reading marathon day
  10. Dance parties
  11. Long car rides
  12. Scavenger Hunt
  13. Ice cream walks
  14. Backyard picnic
  15. Bike riding

By now we’ve agreed this summer is different but what’s not, is those same summer feels. The warm weather, long nights, and family ties.

Don’t let a pandemic stop the fun.

Take care of you too mama,

Aysia B.

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