Do you ever find a place and your like this works? You just love the atmosphere and the aroma of the place setting.  Puts you in the best mood to work and you can just feel the creative juices flowing?  Well for me the places have changed within the past year and a half.  Started out the airport was where I got the best pieces done.  Now traveling with Gunner Bear, it’s a little harder to write while he feels the need to greet every person that passes us.  So the airport quickly became a no.  Then it was my bed.  After a long day, plopping down in bed with my computer and wine seemed like the perfect remedy.  But that’s just it, with more long days back to back the bed only felt right for one thing and one thing only; sleeping.  Again another ‘X’ through that setting.  Now finally, it feels like I have the right place.  A coffee shop. 
In venturing for a business meeting with a friend, I was able to discover this new paradise.  Now personally, I am not a coffee drinker so I probably do not love the coffee shop for the same reasons others do.  But the feeling of being in a place where everyone’s head is in their book or laptop it’s hard not to focus on work.  I mean you feel like a slacker if you do anything else in there! The aroma of fresh book pages and coffee beans just smells like a recipe for success! This new setting (though sometimes hard to get to in these MN winters) is just the place I need for the new year.  The ability to settle down into a routine and get my head in gear.  I love to mix up my blogging setting and finding this new place definitely brings great joy.  So though this coffee shop is not my only setting (new office look coming soon!), it is definitely one I am excited to try out for the time being.  
Finding a place that stimulates creativity and success is such an important thing for a blogger.  It is so easy to get distracted and focus on other things.  But the coffee shop is the perfect place for practicing, batching and concentration.  

So tell me, where do you get some of your best work done? I’d love to find more places to add into my rotation!