This weekend while getting ready for game day traveling, I looked in the mirror and for the first time since beginning to workout again I started to see change. I constantly watch Briean’s body change such as his arms getting bigger or shoulders widen, this time it was my turn to see it! It’s always so great to see the product of your hard work start to take definition on your body. This motivation Monday set has truly pushed me to be consistent with workouts on Monday, thus making me successful with workouts the rest of the week. I hope I am not the only one seeing change in my body! But at the same time, physically seeing the change is not the only way to know you are getting better. Simple achievements can show you everything you need to know. Being able to run up a flight of stairs and not heave at the top is one (hey for me personally this is a huge accomplishment!) Being able to run steadily on the treadmill for one song on your iPod could be another for someone. Working out is about changing your body as a whole from the inside and out. Don’t just look at the scale or in the mirror for the results. There are many different ways to see the success of a team other than their record.