Oh sweet beautiful camp. A day that all athlete girlfriends look forward to and demise. It is the official statement that football is close enough to feel the cold! But it’s also the official statement that your man no longer has ample time for you lol. The beginning of camp marks days such as open practices, tired nights, massages and more. Oh how fun!! But camp also brings many alone days. At this point in my life that’s what I need! I have so much studying to do it’s not even funny. On these alone days I pick up more shifts at work or study study study. So much “work” it feels like camp for me too! But nonetheless football is close!!!! So here’s to all the girlfriends with plenty of time to work on themselves and get the home ready for the impending football takeover! (not like it’s different from all the other 364 football days lol).


featured in photo: Bierman Athletic Complex Minneapolis, MN