When you’ve been together as long as me and Briean and have dealt with many different life situations, distance is no longer such a big deal. However, this time was slightly different as we live together! It’s no longer that first college semester where we weren’t together everyday and was not truly affected by the distance anyway. It is that prime time right after college ready to start our lives period. But goodbye Minnesota hello bright sunny California it is! 

Well for Briean that is. I continued to reside in the cold Minnesota winter while he got to enjoy the warm sunny “winter” in such a beautiful state (if you can’t hear there’s a tad bit of jealousy there).  Now I was offered the opportunity to travel with,  however we decided it worked out better for my career and our housing situation in this state for me to stay here (that decision was obviously made before I seen the beautiful weather). The only positive is there wasn’t too much bragging taking place on his part as he spent every waking minute training.  If you read Breathe you’d know how big of a deal the combine is and why the previous sentence just had to be a reality. Needless to say even with all the training, early bed times and healthy eating- getting a few months in California is really not a bad trade off.  While Briean was away I had my own struggles, good times and lonely days/ nights. Stay tuned within the next week to read blogs I had written to keep myself sane during this transition!