No more extensive practices. No more getting home late at night. No more up early in the mornings. No more film to watch instead of movies. No more meetings with coaches, no more meetings with the team, no more huddles, no more calls from coaches at night, no more no more no more…… well at least for this week. IT’S BYE WEEK!!!!! Every football girlfriends mini vacation. The week you can push your man to do the romantic things you want.  Like sit by the lake, watch the sunset, go to the movies well except for if your in our house. IT’S GAME TIME! And by game time I mean the real games. Anyone that really knows me and Briean know we love games. Video games, board games, heck running to the car and seeing who can close their door and buckel their seatbelt first! So on bye week we stay up ALL NIGHT till the wee hours of the morning and play video games. That is our bonding, that is my romance.  I absolutely adore the week we get to spend together just being lazy around the house in sweats basking in each other’s company. 
But as much as I do love bye week and love taking a mini break from football, I am also anxiously awaiting next weekend for the game. Because let’s be honest, what kind of football girlfriend doesn’t truly love football game day. 

Okay and yes we did a few date nights out the house this week lol.