OMG let’s all just take a moment of silence for the last few days of summer we have.  I mean yes, technically Fall officially started 3 days ago but holy heck has it been so warm here in Ohio the last few days it definitely still feels like summer.  I am a person who loves the fall season.  I mean who doesn’t?  Fall season like officially means: FOOTBALL.  Yes, the actual kickoff game doesn’t signal football, the weather does haha.  The fall season is all things lovable: football games, halloween, thanksgiving, etc.  In short fall is great.  

One thing that I was so excited about this weekend was getting my bathing suit “bump picture”.  Now upon finding out I was pregnant I started following all these pregnancy and bump accounts on Instagram.  One of my favorite posts was seeing how everyone looked so cute in their bathing suits and their little bumps.  Unfortunately, it was the dead of the summer and I was only about 16-17 weeks at the time.  I had no bump yet and the sun was running out.  So with the weather being almost 90 this week, I was determined to put on a bathing suit and get my bump picture before I missed out. S/O to my friend Sara for letting me use her pool and amazing house as backdrop this weekend.  It was seriously the perfect weekend and it definitely came in clutch at the last minute.

Most families that get pregnant don’t plan for a season.  One could care less about making sure their pregnant in the summer or winter for the weather.  But in the NFL planning for a child is much different; it’s all about the season.  And by saying season I am not defining that by the temperature outside.  Yes, I am indeed talking about the football season.  Many NFL families plan their children around the season.  They make sure they attempt to start conceiving right towards the end of off-season, that baby spends time cooking during the season so when off-season rolls around again they can be ready for baby’s arrival.  When our friends in the league found out our due date they just kept saying “Oh an off season baby- trust me that’s the best”.  Even when you think you’ve found one area of your life football cannot control you quickly realize you are sadly mistaken.  
The planning of Baby BC was a little off.  I am indeed due the VERY. LAST. GAME. OF. THE. SEASON.  Oh yes, I know there are periods after every word there and its capitalized, I just want you guys to catch the seriousness of this one here.  I am due the very last game of the season which by the way… is an away game.  BRB while I go attempt to cry away my anxiety.  

Okay, I know I’m not the only pregnant woman who has this fear, but that does not make it any easier.  So for now, all I can do is have a plan, a back up plan, and a back up for that one just in case.  But hey, maybe in this dilemma they’ll let me bring Gunner in and he can be my support “person”.  

Any of my prego mamas out there had this fear or something similar?  How’d you deal with it? I’d love any tips to calm my racing mind. 

See ya soon!