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BTG Feature Friday: Sharon Bly

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Up until this year Mother’s Day was just another holiday, similar to Christmas.  You ask the person what they want and then you go and buy it.  But you know like they say, you never understand someones’ position until your in it.  Now that I am a mother myself I appreciate this special lady in my life in more ways than one.  I now understand exactly what it’s like to be in her shoes and I understand it is something I can never repay her for.  So what better person to #FeatureFriday for Mother’s Day month than my own mama.  Here it goes!


Aysia: Hey mom!  Thanks for being my special guest this mothers day!

Mom: No problem.  Happy to be here and featured.

Aysia:  I figured what better person to have for #FeatureFriday this month than my mama.  So Happy Mother’s Day mom.

Mom: Same to you.

Aysia: Thank you thank you.  Now I know there’s two of us, Brandon and I.  So what was your labor story with me?

Mom: Well the entire length of labor lasted almost 24 hours.  I started with minor labor cramps and told your dad to go to work because I wasn’t sure how long it would last.  After having your uncles come check on me multiple times he finally left work early. I guess he was afraid he would miss something.  Then hours passed you still hadn’t come, I was only 6cm dilated and your heart rate started dropping.  I had to have an emergency c-section. 

Aysia: That’s so ironic because they say your birth stories are sometimes hereditary.  And ours are similar in the sense, like you know, I had to had an unscheduled c-section.  Crazy. So you’re considered an expert mama of course, 20+ years, what is some expert advice you’d give new mamas?

Mom: Eventually it ends.  The hard parts; sleepless nights, tantrums, they all eventually end.  

Aysia: That is such good advice mom.  Especially those first few months. 

Mom: Exactly.  They always end and the beautiful times come back around.

Aysia: So being that it’s been some years what is one product now that you wish they had back when we were kids?

Mom: That dock-a-tot thing.  It’s like a little bed in a bed.  Back in the day we would just sleep with the baby in the bed.  That thing has like borders so you know you won’t fall over on them.

Aysia: I LOVE my dock-a-tot.  Was definitely a most wanted item on my list. So now your a grandma or grammy as we say.  What’s the best part?

Mom: Not having the day to day worries.  You get all the joys of the baby without actually worrying if they’re eating enough or sleeping, etc. 

Aysia: Good, glad you didn’t say that you get to give them back haha.  Let’s play a game.  Pick either me or Brandon. Who got teeth first?

Mom: Honestly, it’s been so long I don’t remember that one. But you both got them around the 6 month range. 

Aysia: Who walked first? Pretty sure I know this one haha.

Mom: Yes, you took your sweet time walking on your own.  So Brandon walked first.

Aysia: Talked first?

Mom: You did.

Aysia: Who got in trouble more?

Mom: I’d have to say you.  That mouth always got you in trouble.

Aysia: Yeaaa so happy I had a boy in that sense haha. Okay funniest thing we ever did as kids?

Mom: Not sure what’s the funniest thing you guys did, but I always remember that time we were at Disney world and Minnie Mouse was dressed in her safari outfit and you said she looked like a grandma.  Brandon was so afraid after that, it was so funny that the statement alone scared him.

Aysia: Yes! I remember that. Hilarious.  Well thanks for taking with me mom.  I appreciate all you’ve ever done for us. 

Mom: It’s my pleasure.  All apart of motherhood. 

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