When you meet people at work you usually think of them as just that; “co-workers”.  But when I met this special lady I knew she’d be more of a friend than anything less.  Katie’s amazing skill in photography and writing is truly amazing.  Now add a full time student and mother to a 5 year old busy boy named Keegan, and her plate is just down right full.  Check out her story and interview below!


Aysia: Hey lady! Thank you so much for interviewing with me! Mommyhood is such a great group to be apart of.   So when did you become a mom? 

Katie: Thanks for having me! I became a mom at 26 years old. 
Aysia: We were almost the same age! So my favorite part of this whole thing is learning about how different all the labor stories can be.  So what was yours?

Katie: So I 40 weeks and 1 day. I had started to have Braxton hicks contractions the day before.  When I actually went into the hospital later that day they kind of cheated to keep me because they knew I was overdue do they acted as if my blood pressure was high. After being there a little while it was about 1045/11pm and I was just getting antsy. I was like I have to move I have to get up.  So I tried to get up and as soon as she got up my water broke! We tried different things and after about 13 hours they were like nothing is changing its time for a C-section.

Aysia: OMG sounds like mine.  I was so unhappy to have to get the C-section.

Katie: Well they were telling me I was measuring about a month ahead of schedule and may need to get a C-section for a little while. So I was kind of preparing myself for it for a while. 

Aysia: Oh okay, you had some time for prep.  Though you can never actually prepare for that.  Its a completely changing feeling.  Speaking of change how do you feel being a mom has changed you? 

Katie: I think the biggest thing, is my life is not focused on myself anymore.  You have to be strong, independent and capable. No matter what life throws at you, you have to keep going because you now have someone else depending on you.  You also think on your feet quicker haha. 

Aysia: That is true! Because either life or your child throws things at you quick. So what would you say is the best part of being a mom? 

Katie: I’d have to say I love mornings together. We take our times together in the mornings now since I have school. It’s cool because he’s an extension of myself but he’s also my best friend. It’s so much fun to watch him grow up. 

Aysia: I’m definitely learning that now with Tate.  They grow so fast.  Son, your stories a little different in that you’ve been through a lot we talk about that all the time.  So for all the moms out there how do you navigate life after divorce? 

Katie: One a day at a time.  Hahaha I honestly hate to say it such a cliché, but its honest.  Co-parenting is so hard.  It takes all off my patience snd strength sometimes.  But going through all of that makes me appreciate all the time me and Keeg have together. 

Aysia: And dating? Jared’s great but how did you get yourself prepared for that? especially with a chid involved. 

Katie: I got myself right first.  I put myself first and focused on myself when Keeg wasn’t with me so i knew I had enough confidence to get back out there.  I had to have enough respect for myself to know how to be treated while coming out of such a crappy relationship. I also had to be confident enough to find the right person.  I did not let him meet Keeg for awhile until I had confidence in the relationship’s health. 

Aysia: That’s really good advice! So a mother and a blogger.  Lets talk about that first. Because I don’t know if most people know but your the reason I started with the blogging! I used to stay up all nights reading your blog in college hahaha.  How did blogging help you with your emotions and everything during motherhood? 

Katie: It really let me get out the hard stuff. Writing in itself helps me get out what I can’t say.  Writing lets me get it all out, even if its just for myself. Its just raw and helps me show how I actually all felt. 

Aysia: I think a lot of people overlook how therapeutic writing can be. It’s not just a pastime it’s helpful too!  So now to being a student!  You just went back to school.  Where did you find the inspiration and energy (lol) to go back to school with motherhood?  

Katie: Where did I find the energy? Haha I’m not sure if I did. But I felt stalled in my career and knew the options were to find a new job or find a new career.  And being supported by a really great significant other helped greatly.  Above all I wanted to finish my degree for Keegan. 

Aysia: I can definitely understand that.  How has it been now going back after being gone for so long? 

Katie: It’s definitely challenging! I forgot how many papers there was haha. 

Aysia: Yea, I want to go back but I always think of those papers and homework haha.  How do you keep from getting overwhelmed with it all? 

Katie: Honestly I’m very scheduled.  I do have some days off with keeg when he goes with his dad, so that’s good. And Jared helps out a lot on my weekend.  Takes Keegan places if I have homework or anything like that.  You just have to be really well organized to keep track of what you have to do. 

Aysia: Organization is like the key to life.  Still a skill I’m trying to learn fully.  What is one piece of advice you’d give to readers.  Whether thats new mamas, new daters after divorce, individuals going back to school. 

Katie: I’d say to new moms: don’t forget yourself.  It’s super easy to get lost in taking care of your child that you forget the value you have of yourself.  And make sure that you do something for yourself every day and remind yourself that your worth something. 

Aysia: So true! I’m such a huge advocate in for self-care.  Alright I love to end it off light! I know Keeg is pretty comical haha, but what’s the funniest thing he’s ever done?  

Katie: Oh my, haha.  I can’t think of anything honestly! He just is so funny.  And every day he does something funnier than the last.  

Aysia: I can’t wait to see Tate in that age and see what he does or what traits he picks up.  I’m assuming he’s going to be funny.  Thank you so so much for joining me again Katie! Your an amazing momma!

Katie: Thank you so much for having me! I had fun.