There are many times as a girlfriend of a football player that I have to remind myself to “RELAX”. Most of the times surround big events; game day, bowl games, big ten media day, etc. This week it’s the NFL combine. The combine is basically a time for the elite athletes of that years class to show off their skills. You do not automatically go just because your a college football player you have to be invited, so it’s a pretty big deal. The days following up to each position’s big day is all media, little more training and different activities. 
Now it’s not like Briean has not been invited to anything before,  but trust I probably got nervous for those too. It’s times like these when my stomach is doing backflips that I make myself BREATHE. Briean is an amazing athlete I never worry about his abilities to compete and get the job done but for some reason during these different events I get so nervous. I don’t know if it’s nervous for injuries, performance, or just how big the situations are; needless to say my stomach has been in knots since about Thursday.
Watching your SO do things that they have dreamed of since they were a young boy is amazing. I constantly remind myself don’t worry so much about him doing great focus on the fact that he is combatting his dreams as we speak. That, is greater than any test or drill.