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I love my sleep. I can sleep anytime, anywhere and sleep HARD. I call it a special skill. A skill I haven’t been able to perform very well lately thanks to Mr. Tate.

When you join the momma community almost all moms wonder about your sleep. It’s kind of like we’re all deserted on an island and we just keep asking around to see if someone has found the magic secret to getting us off the island and never having to get back on it again. New moms, old moms, current moms, past moms; birth moms, foster moms and step moms. All moms have or has had the same question. He’s so stinking cute… 


Well let me tell you I have not figured out the secret formula for us never having to get back on that sleepless island, but if I do I’ll share it with the world for a small token. In the meantime I’ll be using the tips and help of other mamas to try to get some sleep relief for at least a few months.

In my research on how to get your newborn to sleep, I kept running across the same major tip: create a routine. The articles gave suggestions on reading, rocking, nursing and more to perform before bed time. All of these tips given to try to make baby sleepy or begin to “wind down” before bed. Of all my favorite bed time suggestions, bath time has to be my favorite. I mean who doesn’t love a clean smelling baby? 

Blooming Bath lotus flower makes bath time so easy! From set up to clean up the entire process is so simple and gives me such worry free time with little Tot.  

With Daddy working, sometimes bath time is just me and Tate. On those occasions it’s quite hard juggling baby, tub, towels, etc. The lightweight lotus flower makes the juggling act a little easier for the sink bath time set up. Having only two hands definitely proves as a problem in the mom world on more than one occasion. But the snug design helps keep baby boy in place so I’m free to use both hands to wash him up. Our kitchen sink is a little larger giving it a little extra room on the sides, but I’ve noticed the bath fits perfectly in smaller sinks.  Since the lotus flower is different than traditional tubs, it doesn’t act like a soaker tub with the water remaining around baby during the entire bath. To prevent this problem I plug the sink as this keeps the water in the tub a little longer. What’s even more convenient with the Blooming Bath is once bath time is up and Tate’s safely snuggled in his towel I can just ring out the petals and hang it on a hook!  Once he’s sleep in bed I throw it in the dryer on low/delicate.  If I forget to put it in the dryer, the great thing is that within 24 hours of it hanging, it’s ready for its next use. Not having to wipe down or clean surfaces after bath means more time for story time and cuddles! 

People may laugh at me, but I SWEAR by the bath time ritual! So far I feel bath time is a great way to wind down with baby boy and get him all cozy for bedtime in his own sleeper and the Blooming Bath is such a big help! Now if I can only figure out how to get him to sleep for longer feeding stretches in the night. 

p.s. Im hosting a giveaway for one blooming bath lotus over on my Instagram.

See ya! 

Aysia B.