I’m going to be completely honest with you guys, blogging these past few days has been so difficult. The guys had two off days in a row this week. Wait I don’t think you guys heard me so I’m just going to turn my mic on real quick: THE BOYS HAD TWO OFF DAYS THIS WEEK! You do not have to be in this NFL world to understand what it means when your man has 2 days off in a row. It means lots of family time along with squeezing in those few projects you’ve just been dying to get done around the house (like bathing my puppy!).  It’s literally straight bliss.

So needless to say the last thing I wanted was my face buried in a laptop somewhere.  So when he has off days it means mama takes some days off too! 

Yesterday was our last month visit. That means from here on out we go to visits every 2 weeks. And “here on out” is defined as roughly 75 days to go. The time is moving so fast and as much as I want my little Bean here there is still so much more to do! But a piece of advice I’ve received from many mamas is to not let that last trimester pass you by. Take advantage of the last few moments of just you and dad and enjoy each other. Family trips, walks with the dog, whatever it may be, make those last few months count. Which is why these 2 off days in a row was more clutch than Hue can imagine. 

As we inch closer to this due date and I continue to realize how unprepared our house still is, I just constantly remind myself to stop and take it all in. Because like I said before: I’ll never be here experiencing these first pregnancy moments again. And these moments are more precious than I can imagine. 

See ya! 

Aysia B.