It’s almost that joyous time of the year again… Christmas! Mostly everyone knows my favorite holiday is Halloween, but Christmas definitely falls to a close second. If you’ve been reading the blog, then you know that Christmas hasn’t typically gone traditionally for us for about 6 years now. 

Traditionally, for most families the holidays are spent together. People come from near and far to celebrate and enjoy the time together. Well since starting college football, Briean has always had a game during the holiday weekend. That means, family usually doesn’t travel to us, we don’t have a huge feast and presents are opened before or after Christmas. So this year is the same but slightly different at the same time. 

This year Briean does have an away game per usual, however, since Christmas falls on a Monday this year we might actually get to open gifts ON the actual holi-DAY.  Talk about a Christmas miracle! 

Even though Briean is always practicing and playing games during the holiday we have only missed ONE year of decorating. I’d say that is a huge accomplishment! We get a tree, hang the lights, etc, etc. This year, since we now have a much larger space to decorate, the holiday cheer has spread to much more than just a 5ft christmas tree.  We even tackled outside- as much as we could without putting Briean’s body in harms way. 

One tradition that I started for us back in college was a yearly ornament. No matter the size of the tree, each year I’d go out and purchase us an ornament that had some representation of the way the year went and added it to the tree! Now here comes the sad part. In one of our 3 moves I’ve lost the ornaments!! That means “our first christmas”, “gopher football” and so many other favorites are now gone! Knowing myself I would never throw away something so precious. So I’d like to say for now they are not lost, just misplaced and will eventually make their return. But, nonetheless the tradition must continue. So in due fashion another ornament was added to the tree this year. 

Traditions were never something we were really huge on in my household growing up. Besides putting the tree up as a family I can’t think of many other things we kept constant each year. But in growing up and hearing about other families and things they did repetitively, traditions begun to be something I definitely wanted to do in my family. This ornament tradition, though small, means so much to me, I can’t wait to go through the years with Bean and see what other ornaments and holiday traditions we can add as a family. 

This Christmas will be one I treasure forever. This is the last one we spend as a family of 2. And though I am a bundle of emotions for what’s about to come, I couldn’t be more excited for such a blessed change. 

What are some holiday traditions your families do that you can’t wait to do with your own current or future family? 

See ya! 

Aysia B.