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Adding Acts of Service into your Self Care Practice

For the past 2 days we have been discussing how to use your love language to make your self-care practice better.  And I have to say, your responses for the past few days have been amazing. There have been so many of you that said you never thought about using it this way and I am loving that you’re now finding better ways to care for yourself!  As promised yesterday, today we’ll keep it moving right along with using acts of service for your self-care practice.


Acts of Service

Described by the 5 love languages as a love where, “actions speak louder than words”.  

This love language is simple to understand; don’t tell me how you feel, show me.

In this space these individuals would much rather be shown what love looks like, feels like and is.

This love language can often be confused with gift giving in my opinion.  People think if I wash your care that’s gift giving isn’t it?  But I think the difference between the two is your focus.

With getting a car wash is it done in a “gift giving” fashion, or is it done in a “I noticed your car was dirty and I knew you didn’t have time to go, so I did it for you” type of way?

As a mama, I can bet you are constantly doing this for the people in your household.

Constantly ironing shirts so they can go to work looking presentable, washing clothes so they can have clean linen when they want to get dressed, and so much more.

But if we’re being honest, how often do you do these things for yourself?

Let’s fix that today.

mtm acts of service

adding acts of service in self care practice

Examples of Acts of Service in Self Care

  • Getting gas for yourself the night before
  • Ironing your clothes for the week
  • Asking a family member to wash the dishes
  • Run yourself a bath
  • Making up your bed soon as you get out
  • Rearranging your closet to make it easier when picking out clothes
  • Declutter your space for mental clarity
  • Charging your phone at night
  • Cleaning out the fridge
  • Rearranging your bedroom for functionality

It’s easy to think of some of these things as chores.  Heck most of the time cleaning your house is, but this love language is all about practical self care actions. It’s all about doing for yourself in order to make you feel better.

The acts of service that you add into your self care practice that are for you can truly make you feel loved and appreciated.

Will you come back tomorrow to finish this 5 love languages as a self-care practice journey? I hope so!

Take care of you too mama,

Aysia B.

adding acts of service into self care practicehow to add acts of service in self care



    August 2, 2020Reply

    Love this post , any little thing helps. I would love the emails and I’ll write a letter to myself .


      August 3, 2020Reply

      Yes! Any little thing. I’m glad you found some you like. Thank you for reading! <3

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