Raise your hand if you think Bean’s nursery is set up already? Those of you with your hands down? You win!! 

Yes I know, we’re about 3 weeks out from D- Day. And yes I know I’m about to be a mom, but I’m pretty sure the whole being prepared for 2 people thing comes with experience…. right? 

In Bump Season, I talked all about how many families plan for off season babies. Putting the seasons schedule into great consideration before deciding when that next bundle of joy should arrive. Well the fact that my bundle of joy is due *ahem* THE LAST GAME OF THE SEASON *drops mic* is both a positive and a negative. Positive? We get the entire off season for just us and baby. From the time Briean’s done little man would in theory be here and not one day has to be wasted on a practice, game or some football ritual. Negative? Up until that point there are no cushion days. There are not many “non football” days beforehand to get the nursery together, car seat set up, etc. As a result, wonderful off days are spent just a little differently. 

Most dads to be spend their weekends off helping mama with whatever it was she had been bugging him about all week. Those things are saved for his weekends and he typically has more than one day to get these things done. Well not my dad to be, we’ve got one day a week and one day only. 

In college, we’d spend off days baking cookies or dancing around the house carelessly, but now each off day is jam packed with things to do. From the now weekly doctor visits, lamaze classes and baby gear shopping there’s barely any time to waste!

So this past off day we spent the majority of the day getting and setting up furniture for Bean’s room. P.s. s/o to uncle Ricky for being here this weekend and helping us pick up the furniture literally couldn’t have done it without your extra set of hands! Now we’re not saying rush to us… but I think we’re getting more and more ready for ya with each passing day little guy. 

See ya! 

Aysia B.