Dear Aysia,
Well the old college one that is.  Guess what? You made it.  You actually made it out of nursing school alive.  You now realize your job is so important and is one that is forever giving.  As I sit here on the unit surrounded by the clicks and soft humming of machines, I think about how all those nights of staying up until 3am studying was all worth it. Those late night group study dates at the café actually turned out to be beneficial.  Oh, and the iPad for taking PowerPoint notes- genius.  They remain so accessible and I still look at some of those tips now.  But college wasn’t all filled with studying.  
Remember that time you stressed all day about how you could possibly be a good nurse when you chose to go that Minnesota Gopher away game against the Wisconsin Badgers instead of doing some extra studying for your huge test the following week?  Well I’ve got some news for ya’, it’s moments like those that helped you keep your sanity.  There are so many times you hear that college students lose their selves in their studies and forget the outside world even exists.  Well kudos to you for deciding your freshman year that you weren’t going to be that statistic.  That you were actually going to maintain your life and your studies.  It worked! The joy of going to those games every weekend gave you just the break you needed to remain focused the rest of the week.  I now tell college students it is so important to have that one day of heaven in a week full of chaos.  You’ll never notice just the break you need until you take it.  
Sometimes in your college days you worried about things that are so trivial to you now.  Completely natural, everyone does it. The worrisome about friendships, grades or outfit choice hold no real value into the life we live now.  However, some things actually do cause the ripple effect later in life.  Like financial stability.  I mean thank goodness for parents.  Without them things such as the right financial aid, saving balance and much more would have haunted us now.  
Choosing the right financial company to represent you during college is difficult. I mean contrary to the belief, none of us college kids actually want to be in debt forever.  I am so thankful that companies such as Earnest exist.  As a new college student it can be difficult to know where to even start with loans.   They actually take the time to educate new students to be sure they understand the loan process.  Earnest is so great in providing detailed information and they make the entire process extremely simple from start to finish.  And if you ever need assistance even after “the finish”, Earnest is there too!  With their simple refinancing plan, they help can help make your after college loans more affordable.  
Loans in college are the first glimpse a student gets into finances.  Another glimpse is savings and spending.  Creating good spending habits in college is so important to where we are now.  And though we still have more work to do getting rid of those bad habits (I mean really Aysia… we don’t need a new purse every week!) we are definitely starting to see the value of financial stability.
College is where many students find themselves and trust me, you are no different.  I mean from friendships, to relationships, to style- you have learned and grown so much.  And don’t stress too much about who voluntarily decides to leave your life. What you should worry about is your eating habits! I mean it’s so much harder to find dinner now that the great Mexican spot isn’t just a block away.  One thing I wish we picked up then was the concept of eating in.  Trust me it saves you so much more money now in the future.  And yes, spaghetti is still your favorite home cooked meal.  

Living in that one bedroom apartment off campus taught you so many crucial things that I now would never trade.  Sometimes I get a little nostalgic and find myself longing to be back in that apartment and return to simpler times.  So I write this letter to calm your frantic state.  To let you know it all works out according to plan in the end. So go, enjoy college and don’t forget this is a one-time deal- you don’t get any “do overs”.  Make sure to live it to the fullest.

Much Love,
Aysia (the current one)