In honor of camp starting and all the boys getting their A- game right for the season, I figured the rest of us mind as well follow suit. So if anyone remembers back to April’s post #Goals, we made our personal workout goals for the year. Now it’s almost 4 months later and some of us may either be continuing, exceeding, or have not even started those goals. I figured we’d use this next “A” month to really redefine our A-game. 

So you all know me by now, though some people (hint hint) tend to think so, I am not perfect. The 30-day challenge that I participated in has completed and it went GREAT!…until about halfway through. Between personal struggles, deaths and school finishing it was so difficult to continue. This really bummed me out because I was just starting to see results! But you know my favorite saying (all together now) “Rome was not built in a day“. 

So for this month of August I am going to A-mend this challenge and start it over. 30- days of commitment. And as a suprise (with permission from the creator) I am providing it to you guys!! All you have to do is comment “I’m in!” below this blog post and recieve the workout calendar no strings attached! The email will come complete with the full 30-day calendar of workouts, food tips, and a grocery list. Starting this challenge over with all of you can definitely provide strength for us in numbers! So get down there and comment, recieve your calendar,  and start the workout with me. But no matter what you decide to do, most importantly never miss a Monday.