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9 Simple Ways to add Self Care into your Busy Mom Schedule

As a mom you’re lucky if you can get 5 free minutes to yourself let alone an hour. Between all the pulling, picking, prodding and digging both our mind and bodies take on a daily basis it’s a shock how we even function by the end of the night.

Many moms use this as an excuse for the reason they can’t get in self care. Whether a good or bad excuse, lack of time should not be used when it comes to self care. Self care is not always a luxurious bath with bath bombs or a 2 hour massage, though trust me I wouldn’t complain if I could get that in every day, but self care is rather just what it says; a moment to care for one’s self.

“If I cannot do great things I can do small things in a great way”. 

This quote is not only amazingly fit for the day, but also for self care. If you absolutely cannot get that 2 hour massage in today it does not mean throw the whole self care away for the day. It means find other small ways to incorporate it throughout the day. Here’s my list of 9 simple ways to add self care in your busy day:

1. Listen to your favorite song in traffic
2. Take a trip to Target alone
3. Get dressed (not tights or yoga pants)
4. Unwind 5 minutes in the car before going in the house
5. Establish a boundary to use the bathroom alone (had to throw this in there lol)
6. Take 3 extra minutes in the shower to just be present
7. Do your hair
8. Lay in bed an extra 5 minutes before starting your day
9. Pause and truly see yourself every time you see a mirror

Some of these may not seem like self care activities but do them for just one day and feel the shift in your emotions. Self care is more than just physical feel goods. Targeting that emotional side targets self care just as much. So tell me, what did you do today for your emotional self care?

See ya!
Aysia B.



    February 11, 2019Reply

    These are such great tips && so practical. I'm a big fan of practical tips because while I'd love to get a mani/pedi or my hair done frequently…Let's face it, it's the small things like cranking up your favorite song and singing while folding laundry that are really going to stick!

    Mothering the Mama

    February 11, 2019Reply

    yes exactly!! The simple ones are the ones we get the most and we often forget of them as self care and don’t take advantage of them! Thanks for reading love ❤️

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