The Working Mom Who Is Always Out Of Time & Never On Time

You had a rough day at home, your child decides this is the day they listen to nothing that you say, their room looks like a natural disaster just hit and they come home with tons of homework that you have no clue how to do. Then you have to go to work and deal with your annoying co-worker who complains all day every day. You find yourself putting more time into work than being a mother. One school night you forgot to help your child with homework, so now you’re a bad mom. You called out of work twice last week because your child is ill, so now you’re a bad employee. Welcome to my world! 

Do you struggle to find that balance between your work life and mom life? If you are anything like me, you’re always whining because it just seems as though there is not enough time in one day. How do we deal as mothers? How do we still make it work? Well I don’t know about you but the idea of adding more time to a day is not the answer. I will however, take an extra day or two between Saturday and Sunday!

Work-Life Balance and Planning For The Working Mom

You are responsible for your tribe at home and you are the glue to keeping everything together at work. 

Limit Your Distractions and Time Wasters to help you focus on all the things that matter most – your family and your future. Here’s a bit of my story that got me wanting to switch up my routine and balance out my life. 

My Who 
I had my first and only son at the very young age of 16, year 2007. I knew nothing about having a baby. I knew nothing about being a mother. I was the most unprepared person I’ve ever met who just had a baby of her own. At the age of 16, clearly I had not figured out my life yet – not even a thought. It was just me and this little human who cried from time to time.  

My Then
I waited 6 weeks after birth before I went back to work. I wanted to make sure I was physically and mentally ready. Goody’s Clothing Store was my first job after having my baby. I worked as a cashier, working 2 or 3 times a week. Keep in mind I was still in high-school so at this point in my life I was forced to multi-task. This is when I quickly learned moms really do have super powers. Fast-forward a few years, somehow I managed to work, graduate high school and raise a child. With help from my amazing parents and my brother. 
My Today
I would like to consider myself a hard worker. For me working comes natural because I like to feel productive. I start my day of by saying “Today will be a productive day”. I’m so determined and passionate with all that I do. From being a mother to going to work, I make the days count. One of my favorite songs right now is Sam Smith – “One Day At A Time” – on repeat. 

I’m a mother first, so for me that is top priority. My son’s education, future and well-being are extremely important. I participate in his school functions; he is involved in many extra-curriculum activities (which I have to drive him to) It’s also my job to make sure he stays on top of all of his school work. At the same time I make sure we do fun activities together. Luckily where I live In Georgia there is always a fun educational event going on.  

In my current position I work as a full-time medical biller. My job can be very demanding an overwhelming. I feel like a private investigator most days. But I love what I do, wouldn’t trade it for the world! My days can be long and nights even longer. I start the day off right, but doing this secret trick- making sure everything is ready the night before. Sounds so simple and it works if you are consistent! This eliminates so much morning stress and allows the rest of your entire day to run smooth. Here are some of my other working tips:

Working Mom Advice: 7 Things That Will Get Any Working Mom Through

1. If not already working, find jobs with good work-life balance – When job searching look for “Companies with the best work-life balance”.

2. Enjoy Your Paid Time Off – You Earned It

3. Plan On Sundays, look at your week as a whole – how much time is spent with your child(ren) vs your work-life. 

4. Start a back to work podcast for moms – There are many more mothers out there that would love to hear from you, encourage and be encouraged! Stay connected. 

5. Have a positive mindset – You are your biggest cheerleader, you can do all things. You just have to start by believing it. See Positive mindset quotes, to get you through the day. 

6. Understand your roles and responsibilities at work, and excel. Always look for an opportunity to grow. 

7. Ask for help when needed – Swallow that pill called pride. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, whether it’s financial support that you need, or a trusted baby-sitter or even a tutor for extra homework help. When my son was in elementary school one day I researched “math tutor’s near me” – I was shocked by the amount of results it retuned. We were able to locate a tutor who came to my home and did his magic! 

Trust me it can be very difficult when prioritizing these two parts of life. But at the end of the day your motivation and that smile on the baby’s faces keep you going. You know you and your tribe deserve the best out of life so you live each and every day to make that happen. 

Hi everyone!  I’m Cheri! Thanks everyone for reading. It was such a pleasure writing this post. Hopefully I was able to provide you with useful information! For more great post come visit me at Not Just a Pretty Face. If you can’t find me there you can find me on the beach!