We have officially reached the point in the year where we attempt to find a gift for the person who literally gave us life.
This is by far always the hardest holiday for me.
When I was younger I was too young and broke to give my mother the world and as I got older I realized even with all the money and giving her the world, it still wouldn’t possibly be enough to say thank you for everything she has done for me.
When you become a mom it’s like your view on the world changes. You realize that the large gifts brought with the most money often hold less weight then the gifts that come from the heart and are perfectly thought out.
You realize the things you would want the most usually don’t come wrapped up in tiny gift boxes or covered in way too many colors.
Okay okay yes, as a mom you love your child’s artwork and honestly it’s such a great keepsake for later in life.  That statement was not to deny that we need those things too.  They are all a part of motherhood.  That statement was merely to say, we need more.
More thought.
More gifts out of packages.
More real gifts.
Have you ever sat back and truly listened to your mom?
Listened to her talk about the dishes in the sink or the meal she has to prepare after a busy day of work?
Before I became a mother I would simply ask my mother what she would want for mother’s day. She’d give me some surface answer and I’d then get whatever she requested.  But I now know the surface answer is just the easier answer.
It’s easier to say the physical item someone can get, then to ask for a break.
I mean what does that look like?
I need a break from my kids.
I need a break from my husband.
I need a break from this mother/wife life.
Sounds pretty terrible to say huh?
But the reality is, it might actually be what you need.
As mother’s we’re always looking for a way to make everyone else’s life around us easier. But the truth is, it’s the one day of the year we can truly ask for what we want, so why don’t we ask for it?
This Mother’s Day mama you deserve to get what it is you really want.
Here’s 10 gifts to ask your family for without them having to spend a dime:
  1. A Nap.
  2. A Cooked Meal that you didn’t Cook
  3. An Uninterrupted Netflix Binge
  4. Another nap if we’re being honest.
  5. A solo car drive.
  6. An uninterrupted glass of chilled wine.
  7. Kid(s) in bed early without you doing it
  8. Night out with your friends/ Uninterrupted zoom call with friends
  9. Laundry done (and folded, AND put away)
  10. Uninterrupted mommy & daddy time
  11. Uninterrupted family time (with nothing on the agenda to do)

Mother’s Day doesn’t always have to be tons of gifts and money spent.  It can truly be at home with the people and things you love most.

This day is for you mama, ask for what you want and then get it.
I always say to my family “closed mouths don’t get fed”, and it’s the truth for us too.
If we need something we should ask for it and what better day then Mother’s Day.
Take care of you too mama,

Aysia B.