As you remember back in September I got gifted a little present that rocked my world.  Well 6 months later he is still rockin’ it like it’s nobody’s business. 

This little ball of fur has become such a big part of my life it’s like I can’t even remember life without him.  Because seriously what’s life without a dog.  In the past 6 months we’ve had some good days, bad days and all in between.  The between mostly being him literally in between us.  And with all those days it’s hard not to learn so much from my little bear.  Here are 6 things I’ve learned in my 6 months with Gunner:

1. Always stretch in the morning

Before I get out of bed in the morning (or afternoon if it’s work days) I take the biggest stretch I can.  Stretching is not only emotional therapy, but physical as well.  The art of stretching increases blood flow to the muscles.  Greater circulation= better cell growth and organ function.  So put those arms up and reach for the sky!

2. You can never give too many cuddles

I mean this one honestly doesn’t need explaining.  Cuddling is literally almost my favorite thing on the planet.  Gunner will take a cuddle any chance he can get.  Along with a belly rub, butt scratch and ear rub.  But honestly, who would blame him!
3. You can never get enough sleep in one day

Sometimes I think man how lucky can a girl get?  I literally have the greatest dog on the planet.  I mean he is like a four legged version of me! He loves snacks, cuddles and long naps.  I mean how much better can it get?! Gunner can sleep all night and when I get off work in the mornings he still will hop in the bed and go right to sleep with me.  Being a night shift worker my sleep is sometimes compromised by life (post about sleep habits of a night shift worker coming soon!).  And it becomes very difficult explaining to people why when they call you at 3pm your still in the bed.  But with Gunner I’ve learned its okay to stay in bed some days, especially when you have a great cuddle buddy. 

4. Always celebrate your victories

Gunner is a Pitbull which I think stands for Gunner loves cotton.  I’m sure my fellow Pitbull parents can relate.  I can buy a stuffed toy for him and in less than an hour the cotton is all over my floor and I am wrestling him to get the squeaker out of his mouth.  The best part is when he lays himself right in the middle of all the cotton and just basks in his glory, while mama cringes at the thought of cleaning it all up.  I think in life we don’t celebrate our victories enough.  Especially the small ones like getting the laundry washed and folded all in one day.  I mean but seriously has anyone out there actually accomplished this, serious inquires. Gunner reminds me each time I get him a toy that celebrating victories, whether big or small, are an important part of each battle. 

5. Always shoot for the bigger prize

Speaking of battles.  Whenever I take Gunner for a walk he tries to carry a stick home.  It’s like his personal prize for making it all the way around the block.  We pass plenty of sticks on the walk; some short, some skinny, some long, some tall, but without a doubt he always tries to grab the BIGGEST stick of them all.  I thought as he got bigger the sticks would become more proportionate to his body but nope! This pup always seems to find one bigger than him.  This philosophy is one we should all live by.  Though some battles may seem bigger than we can carry, we should pick it up and go for it anyway.  It may take longer; it may require more work but if you want it- take it.  No matter how many times your mama says no. 
6. Never stop learning

I mean who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Okay yes, Gunner’s not old but the statement still applies!  This pup is eager to learn at any time of the day, even more so when you have a treat in front of his nose.  As humans we should all follow suit.  Make a point to learn something new every time you leave the house.  Lessons can come from anywhere, so make sure to keep your eyes and ears open; you never know when yours may come!

To my puppy parents- what lessons has your pup taught you? I’d love to know what’s in store for the next 6 months!