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5 Ways to Take Care of YOU During Your Baby’s Common Cold

As a mom it’s hard to take care of yourself in general, but it is especially hard when you’re in a house full of sick little ones who are just wiping their little boogies everywhere.  Trust me, you know I mean that both literally and figuratively.  But in being the manager of the household it is so very important that you keep yourself well amongst all the cold, cough and boogies. I just mentioned “boogies” twice in one paragraph, I’m definitely a mom. Let’s head right into part two of my wellness tips for the common cold.  This time it’s all about you mama. 

If you’re anything like me, when your little one gets sick, it’s almost a guarantee you’re going to catch the bug too, then the whole household gets it and now we’re recycling germs like the trash man.  But your little one getting sick is not just about keeping yourself healthy, it’s about keeping yourself sane too!
Though the common cold is the least troubling illness one can get, it still hits our babies pretty hard and makes them down right miserable.  Then what’d ya know…mamas miserable and up all hours of the night too. This list is the all inclusive list on ways to keep yourself healthy as well as tap into your self-care something hard to do during those cough and cold months.  So here we go.

Emergen-C Chewables.  If any of my co workers could tell you, they’d happily let you know I’m always sick.  But it is entirely true.  When I first started at work I would take these little chewables at the beginning of every shift. During this time period I felt I got sick a lot less frequently if at all.  But since I’ve stopped these, it’s like every tiny germ carrier that walks into our office and coughs on me, I immediately catch the sniffles.  I swear this is not an exaggeration.  So restarting this yummy item is definitely on my healthy list. 
Peppermint.  If you don’t start the chewables and you feel the sniffles coming on, a few nights with a peppermint essential oil rub and that cold will go right away!  The best advice I could have is to hop on any type of “treatment” regimens early.  It is very true what they say, staying ahead of an illness is the best way to beat it. 
Fluids.  Preferably water or orange juice.  Water just helps your body stay hydrated and continuing to perform the process of creating new and healthy cells.  Orange juice works very similar to the emergen-c tablets.  Fills your body with vitamins necessary for great immune health.  
Rest. Now this toggles into both lists and I might as well just start the self care portion here, but rest is one of the best ways to combat, prevent or quickly rid of illnesses. Be sure to batch work any items that need to be done in the day or when you have small moments to do so because you want to be sure that you are getting plenty of rest at night.  I believe this is also one of the big reasons I’ve been getting sick a lot more lately.  

Now as I said before, having sick kiddos not only requires you to be healthy, but it requires you to be sane too. So here’s a few self care tips that help me take care of me while my little one is sick.
Bubble bath.  At the end of the day after all the germs that cover your body, all you want to do is wash it all away.  The perfect way to kill two birds with one stone is a bubble bath!  Not only will the bath help you soak away any germs but it will also relax you and soak away any negative thoughts.  My motto is, the more bubbles the more relaxation. After those little ones go to bed run yourself a nice warm bath and take that time for you. 
Walk.  Whenever I’m feeling congested being outdoors seems to help.  I can’t remember exactly which “fun facts page” I read it on, but it was said that just 30 minutes in the environment (i.e. standing barefoot in the grass) was supposed to help boost the immune system. Something about the earth and our connection.  Whether or not that is completely true is beyond me, but I can tell you from experience getting outside definitely helps clear my congestion and my mind. 
Take a trip!  Now after every cold you can’t just run and take a vacation but after some it’s truly necessary.  A vacation doesn’t have to be out in Aruba somewhere, though trust me that’s always appreciated.  A vacation could be a weekend at home with the kiddos at their grandparents, or even a mama weekend away at a local hotel.  
As moms it’s so difficult to take care of yourselves on a day to day basis.  But add a little illness into the mix and it’s nearly impossible.  In times like this, it’s important to have teams and processes in place.  Trust me, you’re family depends on it.

Take care of you too mama,
Aysia B.

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