Okay so remember when I said I was cooking up something big and it was taking all my energy?  Well yea, baby bean has definitely been kicking my butt lately.  Not just me, but dad and even the dog too!  I mean how can a little seed have so much power?!
All moms hear about the dreadful first trimester.  Exhaustion, nausea, urinating all the time, moodiness, exhaustion, nausea, urinating all the time, (repeat x100).  Yea, remember that hamster wheel we talked about?  I think it’s called first trimester.  All these symptoms are at an all-time high continuously.  Oh sure, you get small breaks, for like 6 hours if you’re lucky, then you hop right back on that wheel.   Now don’t get me wrong I shouldn’t be complaining too much, my first trimester wasn’t as bad as some.  I know a girl at work who vomits non-stop- it’s a surprise she hasn’t vanished already! But just because my symptoms aren’t the worst, doesn’t mean they’re not still bad in themselves.
So here are some ways I personally dealt with my first trimester symptoms:
1. I let them eat me alive- THE END.  No seriously.  I know you thought this was going to be some long bulleted list of ways I managed the nausea and exhaustion and moodiness but truth be told I can’t tell you how to deal with them.  Everyone is different.  But one thing for sure two things for certain- the first trimester is difficult in its own way. 

What I will tell you in this post however, is ways to take care of YOU during this trimester.  I get it, you’re creating a life but that doesn’t mean you want to lose YOUR life in the process.

So here’s 5 easy ways to SURVIVEyour first trimester:
1. Accept it and don’t feel bad.  This is your first trimester and your body is changing in many ways.  Your breasts are enlarging, there’s pain from that.  Your pelvic area is getting prepared to house a human for a few months, there’s pain from that.  “One of these heart beats wasn’t here before and where did it come from?’- your body will give you crap from that.  Changes are happening so yes, you will be tired, yes you will be nauseous and yes you will be moody.  Don’t apologize for it and let no one tell you, you should apologize for it.  Except maybe the target employee. It’s not his fault they don’t have chocolate covered strawberries in the middle of winter. I personally was so tired during my first few weeks I literally didn’t know if I could survive.  I slept all day and barely had time to shower.  I felt so worthless, then I realized what the- I AM CREATING LIFE.  I have nothing to apologize for.

2. Something must stay the same. With all of the changes going on inside your body make sure at least ONE thing stays the same.  In addition to football games, for me, that was getting my nails done.  Every two weeks I would literally pry myself out of bed, make sure I showered of course, and truck it to the nail salon.  It didn’t matter if afterwards I slept like I had just competed in an Olympic marathon.  What mattered most was making sure something stayed the same in this roller coaster of ups and downs.  And of course it was a plus that it pampered me.

3. Pamper you. Now it just so worked out for me that my “stay the same” item and pamper myself item went hand in hand but for some people it may not.  And if it doesn’t then make sure you do pamper yourself at least once every week.  Get your hair done, get a massage, heck shower.  Just make sure whatever you do makes you feel good.  You’d be surprised what that 40-60 minutes of pamper time can do for your self- esteem.

4. Read up!  As a nurse I tell the doctor’s all the time that my patient may follow your orders and accept them a little better if they understand what is going on.  Morning sickness?  Find out why you’re having morning sickness and what could be causing it.  Pain?  Find out why and when to freak out.  When I started getting cramps and pelvic pain I was sooo nervous.  All I could think about was something was wrong with my baby!  Then, once I read up and learned about “accommodation pain” that happens when my pelvis is trying to accommodate the anticipated changes, I was a little more accepting of the pain.  In the first trimester we are like 9thgrade students just trying to figure out where is the class? Much of the anxiety and pressure during that first trimester is from being uneducated.  So do your mental a favor and educate yourself so those brain cells can worry about other things.

5. Embrace it.  No, not accept it; embraceit.  Embrace the fact that if you’re like me this is your first pregnancy.  You will never be able to go on this journey again.  Every step that Briean goes through with this NFL process I say to him “embrace this time and just live in the moment”.  I told him it about the draft, about the jags and I will continue to say it to him to this day.  Think about it, you’ll never experience what it’s like to create a child for the first time ever again. And no matter if this will be your first and only or one of many, no pregnancy is ever the same.  This journey you are on right now will never be like any other.  In the moments of annoyance, anger, sorrow and pain, embrace the fact that you are creating something that you will love for an eternity.  This is your baby.  You did this.  Your body made this (yes I know God and your significant other also helped- props to them).  So as much as you hate every minute, love every minute too. 

Pregnancy is a journey; sometimes one of those long, circling hamster wheel ones.  But the joy in this wheel is there is a beautiful bouncing prize once you get off.