And just like that it hit me. HARD AF. The bump, the swollen feet, lamaze classes, hospital tours, nausea- the list can go on. In short, it hit me that I am O-V-E-R being pregnant. We almost made it to birth month so I’d have to say that’s a pretty good run. 

Everyday a person asks me “so how are you feeling?”; neighbors, doctors, parents, friends, other pregnant mamas, etc. And if they could read expressions mine would be screaming “IM DONE WITH IT!” But instead they hear “it’s going good so far can’t complain!”. And honestly up until last night that was about true. 

Yes, who wouldn’t like to see their toes again. And who wouldn’t like to get up without the jurassic park sound effects, but honestly if that’s the worse that pregnancy had given me I figured, why complain. But this past week?!? Let’s just say ‘ish has gotten real. Almost every day since Thanksgiving I have been sick. From migraines to stomach queasiness I have had a plethora of problems and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down as the week continues. 

So yea, it’s a bit more than wanting to just see my miniature feet again, it’s gotten to the point where I’d just like to see my body again. I know, let’s not skip the part where I get to hold my baby in my arms and love on him and all that greatness. But as of right now- I’d like to see me again first and then it can extend outwards. 

So in honor of such a crappy week I’ve decided to accept it for what it is and look into the future. The end of this week officially kicks off “due date month”. Most women are typically miserable and hating life this last month but I refuse to let my last month with this precious baby boy living inside of me end that way. I demand a change! So in honor of that change, here are 5 things I plan to do for myself during this last month that I will either start or continue as the days of this last trimester get long:

  1. Manicures. This is always my must. I live in the nail salon every 2 weeks. And though pedicures have gotten quite difficult (the hot water rises my body temp sky high and causes hot flashes like you wouldn’t believe), manicures are definitely still a go and I plan to continue that up and through delivery.
  2. Massages. Remember Angie I talked about in my previous post yea well she’s still my girl and I definitely still see her. I’ll be there next week Ang! Massages are so beneficial to the mind, body and soul! Why not pay extra close attention to it all while your creating life! 
  3. Walks. This is definitely a positive for more than one reason. For one, the saying “walk the baby out” is truly a real thing. Being upright in a ready body, places the baby’s head further onto the cervix and stimulates the release of oxytocin which is the hormone that pumps up the contractions.  An added positive is walking can be quite relaxing when done right. A slow steady pace around the neighborhood taking in the scenery is something I loved to do since I was younger. As long as my body allows me and this unusually warm Ohio weather continues, I’ll get out moving as much as I can. 
  4. Naps. Okay let’s be real, I don’t need due date month for this bullet. To be honest I really don’t even need pregnancy for this one. If you don’t understand why naps is on this list, you just ain’t nappin’ right.
  5. Us time. As much as I’m ready for this baby to come on out I’m also slowly holding onto each precious day. As each day passes by it reminds me its the last day we’ll be a family of 2 +pup. These last few days are not only important for me to cherish ‘me time’ but also keep ‘us time’ as a focus. Because from what I hear, there’s not much of that after this little bundle arrives. 

As I close on this blog post it amazes me to sit and think how much things can and will change. I mean even this blog post. I started out writing this with fumes and gases coming from my ears and now I find myself still and content in the moment. I’m guessing that statement is a lot like how parenthood will go. So Bean you take your time (but not too long) I’ll just be out here making this last month for us everything and then some. 

Mamas what was/ is on your to- do list for yourself in your “due date month”? I love to hear all the other ideas! 

See ya! 

Aysia B.