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5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Self Care Girl’s Day

Have you ever walked into a party by yourself?

It’s cool right?  You kind of read the room and find some group that kind of looks like the people you would hang out with.  Then you go over, introduce yourself and to your surprise you have a good time. 

Once you get home you’re thinking over the night again and you’re like this was so much fun.

But you know what would have made it better?

My girls. My friends.

Okay maybe it’s a bad example, but you get the point.  Sometimes you need your girls.  And that’s kind of how self care works too.

Sometimes you just want to have some company.

The past few months we have been in quarantine and that was more than enough to rip us of socialization.

No brunch dates, no spa trips, nail dates and so much more.

With the world slowly opening back up it is time to get our socialization on.

Here are 5 epic ways to hang with your closest girlfriends for some amazing group self care:

  1. Walk.  A lot of us are still a little weary about getting back in contact with people so this is the perfect way to dip your feet in the pool.  Grab your mask, your water and hit a trail. 
  2. Outdoor dining.  Many places have begun to open their outside parts at their restaurants.  It’s time to brunch ya’ll! Call up your favorite restaurant, see if they’re open and tell your girls it is on.  Don’t forget to make a reservation! 
  3. Beach trip.   Okay this one is a little more “testy” so I’m sure not everyone will agree.  But if you’re a beach bum like me, this warm weather and no beach is starting to get to you.  Take a drive to your nearest beach and just get some sun.  Tips to keep it safe:  wear your mask, put up your own tent if you can to create some space, try to go early in the morning when it’s less people, and definitely leave when you start to see large crowds forming.  
  4. DIY nail dates.  I get it.  It’s nerve wracking to reenter formal businesses at this time.  But my nails need love.  A group nail date is the perfect fix!  You can either do each other’s nails or just sit in a circle and everyone does their own! Mixed with wine and good convo this can be the perfect girl date!
  5. Backyard movie night.  I have always wanted to do this with a group of friends.  Set up a large projector or a large tv screen to play movies out back.  Have some great snacks, some good drinks, some good company and you have an outdoor movie theater right in your own backyard. 
  6. Black Lives Matter March.  Freebie!  Find a march and join the movement!  I have personally been to one myself and am currently planning another.  One of the best ways to be with friends is to support them in their causes, values and missions.  Let your voice be heard, grab a mask and attend a march near your city today.

These small 5 (and a freebie) activities are just the right things to get slowly reacclimatized to re-socialization and get us back to our social activities. 

So grab your friends, your activity and get some group self care on!


Take care of you too mama,

Aysia B. 


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