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5 Tips for an Epic Toddler Beach Trip

Y’all, I just vacayed back to back. Like legit 2 weeks in a row. You would think that means I’ve had enough self care to last for months but in reality, I need a self care break from vacationing. Ugh I know, such first world problems.

My first vacation was a girl’s trip that I’ll tell you guys all about in next week’s post. My second trip was a family trip for a week long baseball tournament. True Bly occasion if you know my family. But the most important part of this trip for me was after having a girls vacay I was able to come home and have one with my baby boy too.

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Honestly, this trip would have taken me out if it wasn’t for one thing; preparation. Listen taking on a toddler with 2 flights, 4 baseball game days (sometimes double headers), and a small hotel room for 6 days is straight madness. And though we had very very minute bumps and bruises along the way I swear Tate was an angel baby. He is truly the best travel companion ever.

To reward his good behavior amongst all the baseball madness, I had to make sure we had some things just for him. That for me was the aquarium and of course the beach!! If you know this mama you know one thing, I LOVE THE BEACH. Like can be out there all day; in the water, in the sand, it doesn’t matter just have me on a beach! So it’s only right that baby boy experienced the tradition right. And guess what?! He loves the beach just as much as I do. I see many more trips in our future and I definitely will continue to be prepared for them all!

Here’s my top 5 tips for an epic beach trip with a toddler:

1. Planning. Plan, plan, then plan again. Plan the dates, the time, the location, the people; everything! For us we knew we would be in Daytona Beach this week for my brother’s baseball tournament so it’s only right we included a beach trip. We knew arrival day would be too much for the beach being it was travel day, so we planned for the very next day early in the morning before the sun got too strong and it turned out to be perfect! Planning keeps you from running around like a chicken with your head cut off. Or at least let’s you save that for later things.

2. Protection. I wouldn’t be a nurse if I didn’t put this on the list would I? This is a very all inclusive part but – sunscreen – hat – floatie.  Though there is so much more that could be added to this list, these were my top favorites. Sunscreen because nobodies got time for cancer. Hat (which was a fight to keeps on Tater’s head) as an extra piece of protection from the strong sun. Floatie because though Tate has taken his swim classes, he’s no pro yet.

3. Food. If you know Tate, then you know you can’t do an occasion without including some snacks. There are plenty of options for this category. Pack, buy, make. There was a spot on the beach to purchase food and have it personally delivered to you. We used that to get a Snow Cone. I instead packed a few of Tate’s favorite snacks and then my dad got us pizza on the beach! A little mixture of both worked for us just fine .

4. Toys. I feel like this is a must at any toddler function, but especially on the beach. I purchased a $2 shovel and bucket from Walmart and it served as the perfect distraction for my little tot while I took a much needed mama break on the sand aka I laid out and got the most perfect tan ever. Later, I found a mini beach play set and it was so cute! We took this one back home with us.

5. Fun! I mean honestly how can you not include this! I am so very happy that Tate seems to love the beach as much as I do. We ran along the shore, splashed in the water and played in the sand. It was the most perfect beach experience I could have ever asked for. I cannot wait to do it again with him! 

Though vacations are fun, I think I’m done for at least 2 months haha. There’s nothing like your own bed. Use these tips to take your little one to the beach and let me know how it goes! I love beach stories almost as much as I love the beach!

Take care of you too mama,

Aysia B.



    May 22, 2019Reply

    Looks like you had a fantastic trip! Love these tips too. Traveling with a toddler can be hard but sounds like you made it easy!

    Mothering the Mama

    May 22, 2019Reply

    Thank you so much! It’s so difficult but preparation makes a big difference !

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