I’ve been the last batter up in a game with 2 outs. I’ve climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower. I’ve had heart breaks, devastating losses and even went through nursing school. But never in my life have I done something as hard as this. 

Being a mother is hard. No I don’t think you understand. Take how much you think it’s hard and how much everyone tells you it’s hard, add it up and then multiply by 50. That should be about somewhere near halfway to how hard it actually is. 

Motherhood is in short letting go of all your wants, thoughts and beliefs and realizing that whatever this baby wants this baby is gonna get. 

Well in my first week home I’ve learned that and more. Here’s 5 things I learned in my first week home with this little Tater Tot. 
  • In the midst of taking care of them don’t forget to take care of you. You just had major trauma. I mean for christ sake a baby just came out of you! And whether via vaginal or c- section your body has to heal. My first night I was so worried about making sure Tate had everything he needed for sleep I skipped right over taking my pain medication. Well let’s just say when I woke up in the morning, my incision quickly reminded me that I had forgotten. Yea, didn’t do that again. I then realized in order to properly take care of him, I had to first take care of me. 
  • HAVE HELP. In addition to Briean, s/o to my mom for coming & helping. Lord would this have been so much harder without her. After a c- section you can barely do anything. Strict orders are no lifting objects heavier than baby. Aka no cleaning, washing or cooking. Without the extra help I’m pretty sure my house would look a lot crazier than it already does. 
  • Sleep. Whenever you can get it in. Babies sleep a ton during the day and with that extra help mentioned above, you should be able to too. At night when Tate has his “wake cycle” he’s not going to care whether I took my nap today or not. 
  • Shower. I get it after a c-section it feels like everything hurts. And I did not want to have anything remotely touching my incision, but trust me every day feels better when you start with a shower. 
  • Don’t push it. As we talked about before, you just gave birth. Your not who you were before. Your body is not what it was before. It’s going to take some time adjusting to the way this new body works and what it can handle at this time. So give yourself some slack and go slowly. There is no race to this motherhood thing. 

Now I’m only a week in. And I’m sure the going gets harder before it gets easier. But I’m also quite sure there’s no job in the world quite rewarding as this one. 

See ya! 

Aysia B.