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5 Things I Learned From my Child Free Vacation

Alright, by a show of hands who took a child free vacation in the last 6 months?

In the last 3 months?

Last month?

Last week?

I bet it’s been a while huh mama?

Between the pandemic, home schooling, and more, it’s probably been harder to get away from your child more lately than ever before.

In Tate’s 3 years of life I think the longest we have been apart may have been 7-8 days and that was about 2-3 years ago now.

Know what that means?

In the past 2-3 years it’s been me and him together almost every day with no vacation (besides his time with his dad!).

Whew, that is a lot!

child free vacation

So when the opportunity presented itself to take a vacation this year, I knew I had to jump at the chance.

Are you ready for this?

For the past TEN DAYS I have been on a child free vacation.

Yes, yes, insert the applause youtube sound there because honestly it was by the grace of God and our SUPER AMAZING village that this was able to get done.

While on this vacation I facetimed my baby every day and wondered what he was doing but I knew it was needed for both him and I.

With his dad going back to work for the start of the season, I know it’s going to be a long stretch of just me and him and it was something we both needed to prepare for.

Was it hard? Yes, but I learned, it was worth it.

MTM child free vacation

Here’s my 7 things I learned from this child free vacation:

1. Time is relative. 10 days sounds like a LONG time, but for me (and I’m sure him in the long run) the time both stood still and moved quickly. In the moments that were slow and boring of course we missed each other, and then in the moments of fun and activity we barely had time to notice the other was gone. It was fleeting.

2. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. I know they say this about love lives and crushes, but this applies here too. Every break I get from my kid (even just the overnight ones) makes me miss him that much more the next day he returns! It’s a win for everyone!

3. Things will be taken care of. As a mama, I know you heard “child free vacation” and all you could think about was child care, food, scheduling and more. But placed in the right hand, life won’t even miss a beat. Tate said his prayers every night, teeth were brushed and any prior arrangements or activities were organized between those in charge. And everything flowed smoothly.

4. Intention matters. Why am I taking this vacation? Is it for relaxation, knowledge, growth? Whatever was the reason, it was very important for me to make sure I came home with that intention completed. It helps set the stage for the entire vacation. And if you’re wondering, it was the relaxation and peace for me.

5. I can do this and I will. Even as terrifying, heart wrenching and impossible it sounds, it’s not. And it is totally doable. Replace those thoughts with relaxation, peace and self love. I promise it shifted my vacation perspective.

child free vacations

This child free vacation was needed for both me and my child. I am so much more filled and can literally feel the excess overflowing from my cup ready to fill up his. That is what motherhood is all about.

Not giving the scraps to yourself, but instead filling yourself up so much you effortlessly overflow into all other parts of your household.

Take care of yourself too mama,

Aysia B.




    July 20, 2021Reply

    I believe this wholeheartedly! But, I don’t get to experience it much for various reasons. I “steal” bits of time to myself when I can.

    Great post and thanks for the reminder!


      September 18, 2021Reply

      Good for you! Continue stealing it whenever you can! Some is definitely better than none!

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