Since being “trapped in the house”  it has seemed that plants have been the new fad.

With people having more time at home it seems it is a hobby a lot more people are willing to spend the time experimenting on. And for me, I wanted to know, is it true that you can use plants for self care?

I have always wanted to have a plant.  If you have watched any of my flower stories then you know I literally cannot keep flowers alive for a week, but plants- that seems to come easy.  So I wanted to expand my knowledge and buy a true plant.  And not one of those little ones from beside the checkout line at Walmart. 

It took me a while but I finally began my plant mom life.


Meet Atheena.


She is a snake plant from Lowe’s and honestly she’s been the easiest thing to manage in my home.

MTM plants for self care

A few weeks back you may have read that I was attempting to get my life together.

Things seemed to be spiraling out of control around me.  I didn’t have a schedule to save my life.  Couldn’t tell if I was coming or going. In short- things were needing a switch up.  And buying Atheena (followed by a planner and some color coded pens) was the first step in creating that switch up.

So let me tell you about Atheena.  She is a snake plant as I mentioned before, she is not fully grown but also isn’t a baby plant as you can see from the pictures above.

I wanted to have a plant that had some of the base work in for me, since this was my first adventure with plants I thought it might be easier to keep the plant alive instead of grow and keep the plant alive.  She has been amazing.

I spoke with a few friends before getting this plant and was told a spider plant is literally the easiest plant to take care of as you can forget to water it for days and maybe even a week and it will still be okay.  For a goer like me, that was a must. I water her once a week, maybe twice if I’m feeling generous, and go on about my busy schedule.

But the question still remained, can plants be used for self care?

Here’s 5 ways I’ve been using my plants for self care:

  1. Satisfaction.  Atheena could not have come at a more perfect time.  In a time in my life that I felt all was failing, from the dog, to the baby, to relationships; she was constantly there to remind me that I was doing something right.  Each time I looked at her I got a surge of proudness knowing that despite it all, she was indeed surviving the madness, just like me. 
  2. Reminder to slow down.  Just as much as she was surviving amongst the madness she also served as the reminder for me to go slow.  After a week of running and going, she had to be watered, and that reminded me to slow down and complete a task.  While I let the water run over her strong green leaves, I likewise let all stress and burn out run away from me too.  Also, just like she needed water so did I.  We often enjoy a glass at the same time.
  3. Unconscious benefits.  It’s no secret plants naturally help your immune system.  They can decrease stress, increase your feeling of well being and also lower blood pressure.  Soil acts as a natural endorphin for us as well.  So re-pot your plants and get dirty!
  4. Beauty.  Just as a flower is beautiful so is the natural state of a plant.  Looking at Atheena reminds me there is not always a need to be dressed in makeup and pretty clothing.  Sometimes the raw root of the person is just as beautiful to look at. 
  5. Grounding.  Some plants give off lots of smells and other’s you have to get close to smell.  You have to get close to Atheena to smell the benefits but when you do, they are intoxicating.  Sniffing the leaves of my plants is another form of grounding to me.  It helps me reconnect with earth and truly relax in the moment.  With the cold weather coming up I won’t be able to get outdoors as much, but this helps me bring that feeling of outside, inside.

self care for plants mtm

Having a plant isn’t easy. Yes, it’s hard work just like everything else. But the benefits definitely outweigh the negatives.  And for me, I need all the benefits of it I can get. You all know I am a self care junkie, so using plants for self care is definitely the perfect addition needed to my selfcare routine.

Take care of you too mama,

Aysia B.