When planning a vacation there are so many things to keep in mind.  From stay, to airfare, to activities; it’s important to have a general idea of how things are going to be during your stay.  Luckily for me, I was able to skip some of that with my friend’s grandmother organizing lots of things. Shout out to her!  This lightened the load so much for me and truly allowed me to well- vacation.

One thing that enticed me about this trip was the all-inclusive resort we would be staying at. This to me meant I could possibly end up saving a ton of money in the long run and could get a deeper sense of vacation with many things being on site.  Now though I did not save much money, because let’s be honest I’m me, I know I saved more in this resort then I would have with staying in a traditional styled hotel.  So without further ado, here is the last post to the Cuba series. 5 reasons I loved my all- inclusive Sol Palmeras resort:
1.       The staff grew to know us.  Every morning we would wake up and go to breakfast at the same time.  Upon going downstairs the staff would already have a reserved table waiting for us.  The same followed suit for lunch and dinner.  With the all-inclusiveness of the hotel you end up spending a lot of time on the common grounds and getting familiar with the staff.  This even led to a special off grounds trip courtesy of the staff.  Get friendly with those people!  They take you places and show you things your tour guide may not.  I mean who better to show you the culture than the natives?
2.       EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED.  I know hence the words “all-inclusive”.  But I want to stress the fact a little more.  Before going on my trip, I thought all-inclusive just meant meals and stay included.  But from the free food, beach towels, spa and even alcohol, everything is at your disposal.  Instead of eating off grounds every night and spending more money, you can eat there! But even better, you can get drunk for free… I mean I think that ends this bullet point right there. 
3.       Meet new friends.  Usually on vacation you may run into some people you click with on a tour or dinner reservation.  But how cool would it be to meet those same new friends and see them every day at breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Staying on the hotel grounds and dining together opens up many possibilities for life long friends.  
4.       Find great things to do!  At the all-inclusive resorts there are chances to get good fares on the local activities.  For us that included camel rides, dolphin swimming and many different tours.  It also included free rides to and from the activity.  Without the ride we would have to worry about the hassle of catching cabs and other city transit.  Sol Palmeras provided us with worry free days of activities from day 1 to day 4.  

5.       More exquisite!  Sometimes staying at an all-inclusive resort signs you up for the nicer hotels.  And we all know how much I do not like hotels, but the all-inclusive one was definitely one of the nicer ones in the area.  Now,  Cuba is much less developed than us, so the word “nicer” is used loosely, but still for the area it was great!
For many, all- inclusive resorts are a dream come true.  I spoke to a couple at the hotel who stated they always did all-inclusive trips.  They came to see parts of the island but mostly to relax, kick back and leave the work to someone else; this was their luxury in all-inclusive.  So whether you want to stop planning, find many places to explore or just take a break from reality; next time you book try an all-inclusive resort. 
Any other tips on all- inclusive resorts?  I would love to know as I am hoping this isn’t my last trip this year *cough cough*

Aysia B.